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Country: USA
Christine Cook
Louise (34 episodes, 2007-2012)
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It was originally slated to be shot in Fairway Market (75th Street and Broadway), during the peak insanity of Sunday evening, when people are frantically trying to restock their refrigerators. Warned that Security would throw them out, they transferred shooting to the Union Square Market.
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The first episode was supposed to be a single stand-alone story, but people wrote in that they loved Christine Cook's performance and wanted to see more of her. That, and the simplicity of continuing with one main character, meant it became a series.
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The original story was about the hostility the shoppers showed each other and Louise. When that couldn't be filmed, they switched to a laid-back scene at the Farmers Market, which gutted the story of its obstacles, pain and humor, but the pressure of deadlines caused them to go ahead anyway.
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