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The Lyon's Den

60 min (13 episodes)
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1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-09-28
Filming Locations: 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA
David Bortolucci
David Bortolucci
The Lyon's Den
Rob Lowe
John 'Jack' Turner
Perrey Reeves
Daphne (9 episodes, 2003)
Paula Newsome
Kathy Wolf (8 episodes, 2003)
Megahn Perry
Molly Packard (8 episodes, 2003)
Elizabeth Mitchell
Ariel Saxon
Robert Picardo
Det. Nick Traub
Matt Craven
George Riley
Kyle Chandler
Grant Rashton
David Krumholtz
Jeff Fineman
Eric Brandon
Tim Jenkins
Did you know?
In his book Love Life, Rob Lowe says that to save money on the production, the main sets were constructed in an abandoned paint factory in the San Fernando Valley (instead of in a conventional soundstage on a studio lot in a more central location). The air-conditioning system in the ex-factory was faulty and, on hot days when it failed, crew members would often faint from the residual paint fumes. Furthermore, the building was next-door to a dildo factory (the San Fernando Valley is the capital of the U.S. porn and sex-toy industries). Lowe remembered that the same day they were told that the show was canceled (but they would still have to continue filming all 13 episodes for the overseas and DVD markets), there were wildfires in the Valley. The dildo factory was evacuated but the cast and crew of "The Lyon's Den" was not allowed to do the same.
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13 episodes were made but only 6 episodes aired because the show got canceled
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