The Magnificent Seven Ride!
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The Magnificent Seven Ride!

100 min
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George McCowan
Country: USA
Release Date: 1972-08-01
Filming Locations: Joshua Tree, California, USA
Lee Van Cleef
Stefanie Powers
Laurie Gunn
Michael Callan
Noah Forbes
Mariette Hartley
Luke Askew
Mark Skinner
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Pepe Carral (as Pedro Armendariz Jr.)
Ralph Waite
Jim Mackay
Melissa Murphy
Madge Buchanan
William Lucking
Walt Drummond
James Sikking
Andy Hayes
Ed Lauter
Scott Elliot
Gary Busey
Hank Allen
Robert Jaffe
Bob Allen
Darrell Larson
Elizabeth Thompson
Skinner's Woman
Carolyn Conwell
Ron Stein
De Toro
Rita Rogers
De Toro's Woman
Rodolfo Acosta
Juan de Toro (uncredited)
Jason Wingreen
Warden (uncredited)
Did you know?
When Noah is interviewing Chris for a biography, Noah asks about an Indian siege the Chis participated in. Chris lists the others involved and mentions Bat Masterson. It is the only time in the film series that a real life gunfighter is mentioned. Bat Masterson was a gunfighter who was famous for being the Sherriff of Ford County, Kansas based in Dodge City.
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The last in the original series of four "Magnificent Seven" movies.
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Noah Forbes wear his gun holster on his left thigh as he is left handed, however after the first attack when they return to the village, his gun holster is on his right thigh.
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When Chris and Noah go after Shelly, Chris goes back and forth between wearing a coat and not wearing a coat, and Noah goes back and forth between wearing a vest and not wearing a vest.
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In the final shootout in town, Chris shoots the bandit chief off his horse. The bandit chief is blown backwards off his horse, but Chris is shown on his left hand side, ninety degrees from the way the bandit is blown off his horse.
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Marshall Chris Adams: Judge Parker told me once, "The men I hang never killed again. There are plenty I didn't hang, did." Now you tell me he was wrong.
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Marshall Chris Adams: [Leaving the Cantina with Laurie after personally making Skinner the town sheriff] I won't be coming this way again. The sheriff's an old enemy of mine.
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Noah Forbes, Writer: That's all we're taking?
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Photos from cast
Allyn Ann McLerie