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144 min
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Paul Thomas Anderson
Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 87 wins & 127 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-09-21
Filming Locations: Oakland, California, USA
Budget: $32,000,000
Opening Weekend: $736,311 (USA) (16 September 2012)
Gross: $16,247,159 (USA) (10 February 2013)
Amy Adams
The Master
Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons
The Master
Rami Malek
Rami Malek
The Master
Joaquin Phoenix
Freddie Quell
Price Carson
V.A. Doctor
Mike Howard
Rorschach Doctor
Sarah Shoshana David
V.A. Nurse
Bruce Goodchild
V.A. Doctor / Interview
Matt Hering
V.A. Patient
Dan Anderson
V.A. Patient
Andrew Koponen
V.A. Patient
Jeffrey W. Jenkins
V.A. Patient
Patrick Wilder
V.A. Patient (as Patrick Biggs)
Ryan Curtis
V.A. Patient
Jay Laurence
V.A. Patient
Abraxas Adams
V.A. Patient
Tina Bruna
Portrait Customer
Kevin Hudnell
Portrait Customer
Hunter Craig
Portrait Customer
Ryder Craig
Portrait Customer
Rodion Salnikov
Portrait Customer
Emily Gilliam
Portrait Customer
Kody Klein
Portrait Customer
Amy Ferguson
Martha the Salesgirl
W. Earl Brown
Fighting Businessman
Frank Bettag
Ariel Felix
Filipino Worker
Vladimir Velasco
Filipino Worker
John Mark Reyes
Filipino Worker
Brian Fong
Filipino Worker
Diane Cortejo
Young Filipino Woman
Leonida A. Bautista
Myrna De Dios
Angry Filipino Woman
Katie Boland
Young Woman
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Lancaster Dodd
Ambyr Childers
Elizabeth Dodd
Lorelai Hoey
Martin Dew
Norman Conrad
Joshua Close
Wayne Gregory
Jillian Bell
Susan Gregory
Kevin J. Walsh
Cliff Boyd (as Kevin Walsh)
Lena Endre
Mrs. Solstad
William O'Brien
Hiring Hall (voice)
Kevin J. O'Connor
Bill William
Mimi Cozzens
Chi Chi Crawford
Zan Overall
Barbara Brownell
Margaret O'Brien
Brady Rubin
Michelle Mortimer
Jill Andre
Beatrice Campbell
Brigitte Hagerman
New York Party Girl
Charley Morgan
New York Lawyer
Christopher Evan Welch
John More
Laura Dern
Helen Sullivan
Barlow Jacobs
James Sullivan
Gigi Benson
Liz Clare
Fiona Dourif
Audrey Finer
Rose Fox
Baily Hopkins
Mari Kearney
Sarah Klaren
Ally Johnson
Brittany Kilcoyne McGregor
LaRain Ring
David Warshofsky
Philadelphia Police
Kimberly Ables Jindra
Processing Patient
Theo Crisell
Jail Bird
Thomas Knickerbocker
Judge (as Tom Knickerbrocker)
Eban Schletter
Band (Piano)
Scott Rodgers
Band (Drum)
Melora Walters
Band (Voice)
Emily Jordan
British Receptionist
Amanda Caryn Jobbins
British Receptionist
Olivia Rosemarie Barham
Pub Customer
Napoleon Ryan
Pub Customer
Jennifer Neala Page
Winn Manchester
Mike Alfieri
Dock Worker
Christine Ames
Fervent Follower - Phoenix (uncredited)
Robert Amico
Farm Foreman (uncredited)
Stephen Anderson
Sailor (uncredited)
James Barbour
Master's Cadet (uncredited)
Brian Bell
Follower (uncredited)
Jonny Beltran
US Army Veteran (uncredited)
Matt Bingham
U.K. Student (uncredited)
Bill Blair
Man At the Bar (uncredited)
Denis Boulankine
NY Driver (uncredited)
Patrick D Bridges
Dan Brown
Navy Buddy (uncredited)
Phillip Caires
Sailor (uncredited)
Jonathan Carr
Sailor (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Ship Worker (uncredited)
Steve Chapman
Sailor (uncredited)
Scott Christy
Union Worker (uncredited)
Aaron B.W. Collins
Hiring Hall Worker
Clint Corley
Follower (uncredited)
Nick Corvello
WWII US Navy Veteran (uncredited)
Conner Cousins
Follower (uncredited)
Zachary Culbertson
Naval Patient (uncredited)
Thomas Dalby
Dock Worker
Andy Dale
Pub Patron (uncredited)
Seth Donavan
Veteran (uncredited)
Kay Ewing Donato
Follower (uncredited)
Josh Fadem
Young Man (uncredited)
Aaron Farb
Cathy Fielding
Peterson's Department Store Clerk (uncredited)
Chanon Finley
Girl in Back of Car (uncredited)
Jasmine Fletcher
Follower (uncredited)
Joe Foley
Phoenix Follower (uncredited)
Shannon Freyer
Ellen (uncredited)
Martin Gagen
Follower (uncredited)
Kerry Goodwin
Phoenix Follower (uncredited)
Olesya Grushko
Bikini Girl (uncredited)
Talaria Haast
Core Follower (uncredited)
Courtney Howard
Phoenix Follower (uncredited)
Dale Richard Howard
Court Observer (uncredited)
Brian Jagger
New York Dock Greeter (uncredited)
Christina Jo'Leigh
Capwell's Bridal Consultant (uncredited)
Bobby Johnsen
Sailor (uncredited)
Keenan Johnston
Bosun's Mate Johnson (uncredited)
Franklin Dennis Jones
Judge (uncredited)
Veronika Kurshinskaya
Dancer / Party Guest / Cause Volunteer (uncredited)
Terry Lane
Hiring Hall Dispatcher
Mark Lavell
Dockworker (uncredited)
Darren Le Gallo
Master's Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Paul Loverde
Follower (uncredited)
Josh Margulies
Joey (uncredited)
Carl Marino
NY Dock Worker
Richard Markman
Party Guest posing for photo w / The Master and wife (uncredited)
Dennis Mattai
Phoenix Follower (uncredited)
John Mawson
Phoenix Businessman (uncredited)
Ray Medved
Dock Worker
Jesse Muick
Dock Worker
Lourdes Nadres
Filipino (uncredited)
Rene Napoli
Shady the Bookie (uncredited)
Stephane Nicoli
Cult Follower (uncredited)
Andrew Nitzke
Soldier (uncredited)
Jefferson Nogueira
Phoenix Follower (uncredited)
Brendan Norman
Sailor (uncredited)
Montgomery Paulsen
Dock Worker
David Alan Poe
Hall Hiree (uncredited)
Allen Pontes
Boston Dock Worker
Heather Power
Student (uncredited)
Mike Jerome Putnam
Lead Department Store Guard (uncredited)
Jeff Rankin
Dock Worker
Raul Reformina
Farmer (uncredited)
Linda Revelli
Follower (uncredited)
Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff
Party Guest (uncredited)
Mark Roman
Follower (uncredited)
Vanessa Ross
USO Girl (uncredited)
Timothy D. Rossi
Follower (uncredited)
Harold Rudolph
Philadelphia Follower (uncredited)
Franklin Ruehl
Follower (uncredited)
Dylan Saccoccio
Lancaster Dodd Partisan (uncredited)
Andrew Schlessinger
Andrew (uncredited)
Joseph R Scott
Navy Corpsman (uncredited)
Joel Shock
Master's Cadet (uncredited)
Matthew Skomo
Navy XO (uncredited)
Adam C Smith
Follower (uncredited)
Bradley E. Smith
NY Dock Worker
Jesse Soares
US Army Veteran (uncredited)
Arne Starr
Core Follower (uncredited)
Kate Stewart
Follower (uncredited)
Thomas W. Stewart
Follower (uncredited)
Kellog Stover
Follower (uncredited)
Michael A. Templeton
Follower Dancing (uncredited)
Jude Thomas
Soldier (uncredited)
Paul Alexander Tidd
Sailor (uncredited)
John H. Tobin
Follower (uncredited)
Najarra Townsend
Sales Girl (uncredited)
Ian Trottier
New Hire (uncredited)
Darrin Vanderpan
Hiring Hall Worker
Ken Venzke
Boston Dock Worker
Leah Verrill
Stripper (uncredited)
Bryan Westfall
Follower (uncredited)
Steven Wiig
Philadelphia Follower (uncredited)
Did you know?
The very first line in the film, where Freddie is talking on the beach, was entirely improvised.
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This marked Philip Seymour Hoffman's fourth and final Oscar nomination.
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The decision to shoot in 65mm came from a desire to replicate the look of photos taken by vintage Pressman cameras, which use large-format 4x5-inch film. This also led to the use of the narrower 1.85:1 aspect ratio (65mm has a native aspect ratio of 2.2:1). Anderson initially suggested shooting the film in VistaVision, and test footage was shot in that format, but the shallow-focus effect was not pronounced enough.
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When Lancaster Dodd is challenged by a skeptic, the shadow of a boom microphone is visible on the wall behind Dodd.
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In the "pacing" scene, as Quell goes from wooden paneled wall to window and back, the second time he goes to he wooden paneling, he breaks out a panel when he pounds it with rage. In the numerous successive shots, the wood panel is restored.
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At the beginning of the film, when the end of WW-II is announced (August 15, 1945) the United Nations did not yet exist. It was established October 24, 1945.
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Lancaster Dodd: Are you unpredictable?
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Lancaster Dodd: If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will you? For you'd be the first person in the history of the world.
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Lancaster Dodd: Marriage, previous to The Cause, was *awful*. Awful. There's a cycle, like life. Birth, excitement, growth, decay. Death. Now... now. How about this? Here comes, a large dragon. Teeth! Blood dripping! Red eyes! What do I got? A lasso. And I whip it up, I wrap it around its neck, and I wrestle! Wrestle! Wrestle him to the ground. I snap up, I say "Sit, dragon!" Dragon sits. I say "Stay!", dragon stays. Now it's got a leash on. Take it for a walk. And that's what-where we're at with it now. It stays on command. Next we're gonna teach it to roll over and play dead.
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What is the score at the start of the movie on the beach?
The score is "Able-Bodied Seamen" by Jonny Greenwood. The complete list of songs can be found here along with their corresponding scene descriptions.
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Photos from cast
Patty McCormack Jesse Plemons Rami Malek Madisen Beaty