The Million Dollar Duck
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The Million Dollar Duck

89 min
Comedy | Family
IMDB rate:
Vincent McEveety
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1971-06-30
Filming Locations: Walt Disney Studios, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California, USA
Dean Jones
Professor Albert Dooley
Sandy Duncan
Katie Dooley
Joe Flynn
Finley Hooper
Tony Roberts
Fred Hines
James Gregory
Jack Kruschen
Doctor Gottlieb
Virginia Vincent
Eunice Hooper
Jack Bender
Arvin Wadlow
Billy Bowles
Orlo Wadlow
Sammy Jackson
Arthur Hunnicutt
Mr. Purdham
Frank Wilcox
Bank Manager
Bryan O'Byrne
Bank Teller
Ted Jordan
Mr. Forbes
Bing Russell
Mr. Smith
Peter Renaday
Mr. Beckert (as Pete Renoudet)
Frank Cady
George O'Hanlon
Parking Attendant
Jonathan Daly
Carter - Purchasing Agent
Hal Smith
Courthouse Guard
Edward Andrews
Peter Camlin
Frenchman (uncredited)
The Duck (uncredited)
Winnie Collins
Agitated Woman Driver (uncredited)
Howard Culver
Morgan's Assistant (uncredited)
Maurice Dallimore
Englishman (uncredited)
Bernard Fox
Car Salesman (uncredited)
John J. Fox
Agitated Driver #1 (uncredited)
Arthur Franz
Prosecutor (uncredited)
Jerry Fujikawa
Japanese Official (uncredited)
Stu Gilliam
Minor Role (uncredited)
Jonathan Hole
Refinery Agent (uncredited)
Hank Jones
Commencement Speaker (uncredited)
Jack Perkins
Agitated Driver #2 (uncredited)
Tony Regan
Refinery Agent's Assistant (uncredited)
Edwin Reimers
Minor Role (uncredited)
Roy Roberts
The Judge (uncredited)
Fran Ryan
Mrs. Purdham (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Man in Refinery Office (uncredited)
Maxine Semon
Woman Leaving Parking Garage (uncredited)
Robert Shayne
Refinery Executive (uncredited)
Vaughn Taylor
Bank President (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey
Man on Courthouse Steps (uncredited)
Bruno VeSota
Russian (uncredited)
Howard Wendell
Roger - State Dept. Representative (uncredited)
Did you know?
The Million Dollar Duck (1971) is the first of three movies that film critic Gene Siskel walked out on during his professional career. The other two were the horror film Maniac (1980) and the comedy Black Sheep (1996).
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Near the conclusion of the movie, just before Jimmy captures Charlie the duck, there is a Volkswagen Beetle with the license plate OFP 857. The tag was the very same as Herbie's in The Love Bug (1968), another Disney movie starring Dean Jones that was the first in a series of "Love Bug" films.
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Final film of veteran character actor Frank Wilcox.
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Katie hands Albert his lunch bag, telling him that the applesauce is on top, which suggests that there are other lunch items in the bag. Later, when the chimpanzee opens the sack, there's only the applesauce.
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Charley is actually a Goose, not a duck.
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When the truck brakes and Albert, in the cherry picker, hits the bridge, the shot changes from a mid shot of Albert to a close-up. However, the background remains the same in both shots, revealing that he was filmed in front of a chroma key background.
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Jimmy Dooley: I didn't want a duck! I wanted a puppy!
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