The New Adventures of Robin Hood
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The New Adventures of Robin Hood

Netherlands:50 min | UK:54 min
Action | Adventure
IMDB rate:
1 nomination
Country: France
Release Date: 1997-01-13
Judy Green
Judy Green
The New Adventures of Robin Hood
Martyn Ellis
Friar Tuck
Richard Ashton
Little John
Barbara Griffin
Lady Marion Fitzwalter
Matthew Porretta
Robin Hood
John Bradley
Robin Hood
Did you know?
John Bradley replaced Matthew Porretta for Series 3 and 4.
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The 3rd TV series based on the legend of Robin Hood. Premiered 11 years after the 1980s series "Robin of Sherwood" ended.
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Second unit director and stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt, along with his wife Sophia Crawford and stuntman Jason Cavalier, left the show in disgust upon realizing how poorly the action content was being integrated. Footage of action scenes would be shipped to France and edited by film students, who - according to Pruitt - thought that action scenes "were beneath them" and whose technique for editing fights included adding many closeups and recycling footage from previous episodes.
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Lydie Denier Judy Green Annoushka Le Gallois