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The Odd Couple

30 min (114 episodes)
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Won Golden Globe. Another 4 wins & 14 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1970-09-24
Filming Locations: 1049 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Tony Randall
Felix Unger
Jack Klugman
Oscar Madison
Al Molinaro
Did you know?
Three different stories were given as to how Felix and Oscar met and became friends. The original opening narration to the show claimed that they were childhood friends. Several times during the series, however, it was claimed they met while they were both serving in the army. One episode (a send up of the film 12 Angry Men (1957)) claimed they met while serving on the jury of a controversial murder trial (Jack Klugman, who appeared as a juror in 12 Angry Men (1957), portrayed characteristics of several characters from the film, including his own. Tony Randall portrayed the Henry Fonda character.) In the third season, the word "childhood" was removed from the opening narration.
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In-joke: The last name of the Elinor Donahue character, Miriam Welby, references her connection with Robert Young. Donahue played Young's daughter on Father Knows Best (1954). At the time of The Odd Couple, Young was starring as Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969), also on ABC.
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According to the first Howard Cosell segment, Oscar's favorite meal is lasagna with french fries, and his favorite dessert is Boston cream pie.
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In the opening credits for the entire series, the type of luggage Felix is carrying changes. When he is indoors (leaving his apartment or arriving at Oscar's) he is carrying a white suitcase. But when he is walking outside he is not carrying the white suitcase.
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Felix Unger: [while doing a commercial] I am a dramatization of a doctor.
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Felix Unger: What's that?
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Felix Unger: She likes... David Cassidy better than me!
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