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80 min
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Tom Kuntz
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-01-07
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Abigail Mavity
Abigail Mavity
The Onion Movie
Joel McHale
Joel McHale
The Onion Movie
Daniel Chacón
Young American
Ken Takemoto
Steven Seagal
Cock Puncher
Don McManus
Dennis McCormick
Kate Fuglei
Dolores McCormick
Reid Weaver
Dennis McCormick, Jr.
Brian Powell
Typical Neighbor Husband
Adele Robbins
Typical Neighbor Wife
Jason L. Miller
Sooty Firefighter
Brendon Baerg
Sooty Child
Len Cariou
Norm Archer
Larissa Laskin
Dana Dobbs
Scott Klace
Kip Kendall
Barbara Pilavin
Alzheimers Old Lady
Sandy Kenyon
Alzheimers Guys in Crowd
Sam Menning
Alzheimers Guys in Crowd
Orlando Seale
Erik Stolhanske
Sarah McElligott
Melissa Cherry
Michael Bolton
Karl Montgomery
African Child
Kwame Boateng
Steven Kozlowski
White Trash Dude
Randy Oglesby
Surgeon General
Archie Howard
Fat Man
Howard Shur
Todd Hanson
Smoker Driver
Arthur Kendall
Bud Schwartz
Ira Gewant
Brunno Tucci
Christopher Weeks
Rolly Ingersoll
Edward Ansara
Skink Bradley
Murray Gershenz
Raggles Wimpole
Paul 'Mousie' Garner
Uncle Smackers
Helen Geller
Mavis De Haven
Richard Fancy
Kenneth Garber
Murphy Dunne
Raymond Marcus
Alex Solowitz
The Masses
Savannah Haske
Rapist Lisa
Griffin M. Creech
Rapist Policeman
Daniel Dae Kim
Ivy Leaguer
Stefan Sacks
Rapist Uncle
Rebecca Lowman
Rape Victim Julie
Amy Davies
Board Game Woman
John Gibson Miller
Steel Beam Construction Guy
Jim Gleason
Steel Beam Architect
Ben Braat
Dutch Dad
Sal Lopez
Jay Montalvo
Bashar Rahal
Arab Terrorist
Russell Steinberg
Young Terrorist
Ahmed Ahmed
Amir Talai
Ryan Bosch
White Black Guy Bill
Leslie Duke
White Black Guy Jenny
Brendan Fletcher
White Black Guy Tim
Michael Brainard
White Black Guy Policeman
Dane Farwell
White Black Guy Policeman
Mary Boucher
White Black Guy Judge
Chris Karwowski
White Black Guy Jury Foreman
Michael Harte
Pentagon General
Charles Howerton
Pentagon General
James Kayten
Pentagon Officer
Sean Conroy
Landmine Salesman
Christopher Boyer
Landmine Boss
S.E. Perry
Recruitment Officer
Michael Harney
Line-Up Detective
Alonzo Bodden
Gill Gayle
Robert Shampain
Prisoner Dad
Jordan Lindsay Hamm
Girl Greeting Prisoner
Tom Wright
Kwame Roberts
Gedde Watanabe
James Nakatami
Troy L. Collins
Dashante Jackson
Daniel Colembie
McSorley's Bartender
Marc Antonio Pritchett
Upstanding Black Man
Jerry Giles
Dave Kostman
John Viener
Peen Out Guy
Mike Loew
Library Penis Man
David Chisum
Penis Pal Glen
Martin Morales
Penis Ethnic Man
Micah Sauers
Skooter Boy
Michael R. Dowell
Penis Businessman
Ken Narasaki
Clint Culp
Bates Computer Customer
Paul Scheer
Bates Computer Salesman Dirk
Maria Schneider
Bates Computer Customer's Wife
Dustin Seavey
Bates Temp Dude
Bill Dearth
Bates Businessman
Greg Harris
Bates Delivery Man
James M. Connor
Bates Manager
Michael Delaney
Gil Bates
Nick Chinlund
Bryce Brand
Jim Rash
Bryce's Manager
Angel Cassidy
Porn Star
Mia Crowe
Porn Star
Porn Star
Kirk Ward
Brendan Laroux
Eric Siegel
Studio Executive
Jen Cohn
Cooking Show Host
Meredith Baxter
Cooking Show Chef
Charley Beil
Wizards Gamer
Daniel Benson
Wizard Gamer
Adam Crosby
Wizard Gamer
Jed Rees
Wizard Proteus
Greg Pitts
Wizards Dragonmaster
Greg Cipes
Hippie Diplomant
William Duffy
Man in Suit
Cory McAbee
Man in Suit
Evgeniy Lazarev
Adam Gregor
Terrence Flack
Bank Gunman
Mo McRae
Second Bank Gunman
Sarah DeVincentis
Bank Customer
Michelle Buffone
Bank Liz Anne
Jim Ortlieb
Bank Mr. Poniewicz
Cory Nartatez
Gay Guy
Savastian Padilla
Gay Guy
Bruce Stevenson
Gay Guy
Chris Villa
Gay Guy
Kenneth C. Rosier
Presidential Advisor
Rodney Dangerfield
Ivan Klipstein
Subscription Card Man
Hanna Bluth
Little Girl
Jennifer Saurenman
Tanya Ballinger
Cockpuncher Entourage
Kamela Forbes
Cockpuncher Entourage
Neva Massey
Cockpuncher Entourage
Eleanor Mercado
Cockpuncher Entourage
Karen Miller
Cockpuncher Entourage
Rachelle Wood
Cockpuncher Entourage
André Costa
Destiny Lightsy
God Bless America Dancer
Michon Suyama
God Bless America Dancer
Vai Tiare
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer (as Vaitiare Au-Harehoe)
Kato Bonner
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer
Allison Kyler
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer
Brandy Lamkin
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer
Clifford McGee
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer (as Clifford McGhee)
Tomasina Parrott
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer
Adrian Armas
Lollipop Love Dancer
Kevin Federline
Lollipop Love Dancer
Dante Harper
Lollipop Love Dancer (as Danté Harper)
Robert Hoffman
Lollipop Love Dancer (as Robert James Hoffman III)
Lucas Raynaud
Lollipop Love Dancer
Dave Scott
Lollipop Love Dancer
Harry Shum Jr.
Lollipop Love Dancer
Ryan O'Quinn
Global Tetrahedron Penguin
Kavi Raz
Arab Lover
Natasha Yi
Melissa Cherry Video Dancer
Ahmed B. Badran
Kathie Barnes
Concerned Mother
Bo Barrett
Wigger Jim
Jackson Bolt
Texas Chainsaw Killer
Chris Cashman
UPS Delivery Man
Martez Covington
Said Faraj
Suicide Bomber (uncredited)
Bill Frenzer
Nicholas Van Essen
Justin Rodgers Hall
Glen Hambly
Susanna Harter
Mohammed Hassan
Hiro Koda
Eloise Lynch
Britney Spears Fan
Marshall Manesh
Announcer (uncredited)
Chrissy Metz
Heavy Girl
Christopher Nissley
Terrorist Training Video Announcer (uncredited)
Blaine Pate
Office Worker
Paula Price
Host a Rape Tape Gal (uncredited)
Tony Sagastizado I
Taliban Terrorist
Helen Slayton-Hughes
'Yarn-it-All' Employee
Channing Swift
Ice Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Tony Swift
Ice Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Cassie Townsend
Pot Smoker Girl at Board Game Party
Melissa Zanit
Yearbook Girl
Did you know?
The character of "Melissa Cherry" is an apparent spoof of singer Britney Spears. Ironically, Spears' future ex-husband Kevin Federline has a cameo in the film as a back-up dancer in one of Melissa Cherry's videos.
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Originally filmed in late 2003, this was subsequently shelved for many years and never released theatrically (allegedly after poor test screening). Finally released directly to DVD in June 2008.
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In the scene they are playing the board game and one of the guys is drinking "Hawaiian punch" the level of the drink goes from full to empty back to full.
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Liz Anne has a cut on the left side of her forehead which disappears when Armed gunman is promoted to customer advisor.
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Norm Archer: For The Onion News... this is Norm Archer. Fuck you, and goodnight.
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Cock Puncher: I don't think you have the balls.
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Norm Archer: The internet went down for three hours this morning, plunging the nation into productivity. The outage, which caused major work startages from New York to California, prevented an estimated 120 million American employees from messing around on the web at work.
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Abigail Mavity Joel McHale