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USA:44 min (154 episodes)
Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Won Primetime Emmy. Another 16 wins & 40 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1995-03-26
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Did you know?
Several episodes contain plot threads that link them together. For example, the "Innobotics arc" - the story of lifelike androids created by the Innobotics Corporation - runs through these episodes: Valerie 23, Mary 25, The Hunt, In Our Own Image, and Resurrection.
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Lasted longer than the original The Outer Limits (1963).
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The SciFi Channel quietly took over co-production in 2001, after the series was cancelled by Showtime (Season 7). Apparently there were already some cable-ready episodes in the can at the time of cancellation, as the MA-rated "Flower Child" was only broadcast during the show's syndication-only run. On the whole the SciFi-MGM relationship resulted in lower-quality episodes and clip-shows. The SciFi Channel was still administrated by the Vivendi-Universal group at this time. An "unsanitized" version of "Flower Child" appears on DVD in the US release of the Outer Limits' "Sex and Science Fiction" collection.
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Do all the episodes take place in the same reality?
No. In clip shows such as 'The Voice of Reason' and 'Final Appeal' we see the characters discuss events that occurred in several separate episodes with no apparent link to one another, therefore we must assume that those Outer Limits stories occur in the same narrative. However, there are other episodes that have contradictory conclusions to the human race, so those episodes belong to a different reality.'Tribunal', 'Gettysburg', and 'Time to Time' are episodes that belong to yet another reality, in which there is a Time Travel Institute in the future that uses time travel to fix problems in the past, much like the one in the 29st century in the Star Trek: Voyager 2-part episode 'Future's End' and other episodes (like 'Relativity'), and the one in the 31st century in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise involving temporal agent Daniels; but the Time Travel Institute is in a much nearer time: 2059.
What happens to Amanda Plummer's character at the end of 'Final Appeal'?
At the end of the episode her character, Dr Theresa Givens is seemingly killed in a nuclear explosion in the courtroom before she can time travel to safety. However in the final scene where the villain is hiding out in 1876 America we see a saloon girl sitting behind him who looks remarkably like her suggesting that either she survived and came after him or that she has travelled back from another point in her timeline in order to prevent the explosion taking place at all
Are any stories linked to the original Outer Limits Series?
Yes, 'The Quality of Mercy' and 'The Light Brigade' tie in very neatly with the classic original series story 'Demon with a Glass Hand'. In the 90s series eps humanity is fighting and losing a war against an alien species who can assume human form. In 'Demon with a Glass Hand' humanity has lost the war and been wiped out. A humanoid robot is imprinted with the memories and personalities of the human race and sent back in time pursued by the aliens in human form. He defeats the aliens in the past whilst the aliens in the future are slowly wiped out by a bio-weapon left behind by humanity. The robot's instructions are to wait in the past until the aliens are all dead then rebuild the human race using the information contained within himAlso, 'The Inheritors' is a remake of the 2-part episode of the same name in the original series.
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