The Parole Officer
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The Parole Officer

93 min
Comedy | Crime
IMDB rate:
John Duigan
2 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2001-08-10
Filming Locations: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Budget: $6,000,000
Opening Weekend: £902,028 (UK) (12 August 2001)
Gross: £3,214,144 (UK) (16 September 2001)
Steve Coogan
Simon Garden
Emma Gilmour
Susan Jane Tanner
Stern Woman
Iain Mitchell
Tribunal Chairman
James Smith
Tribunal Man
Om Puri
Steven Waddington
Ben Miller
Stephen Dillane
Inspector Burton
Bruce McGregor
First Policeman
Lena Headey
Justin Burrows
Marc Goodhall
Clive Kneller
John Henshaw
Buster Reeves
First Hardman
Brian Nickels
Second Hardman (as Brian 'Sonny' Nickels)
Terence Mann
Desk Sergeant
Jake Abraham
Seedy Bloke
Jo-Anne Knowles
TV Interviewer (as Jo Anne Knowles)
Eiji Kusuhara
Japanese Businessman
Togo Igawa
Japanese Businessman
Kate Deakin
Club Receptionist
David Nicholls
Bill (as Dave Nicholls)
Francesca Hall
Club Manageress
Olga Grahame
Jeff's Mam
Jenny Agutter
Victor's Wife
Hazel Douglas
Old Lady in Art Gallery
Victoria Gould
First Security Guard
Natasha Alexander
Second Security Guard
Simon Pegg
Deflated Husband
Julia Davis
Insinuating Wife
Bernard Wrigley
Bike Group Leader
Alan Clarke
Lycra Crusty
Kevin Malloy
Alarm Company Operator
Richard Sinnott
Bank Manager
Iain McKee
Second Policeman
Peter Rylands
Third Policeman
Donna Henry
WPC at Service Station
Sue McCormick
Garage Customer
Elaine Barnett
Sales Assistant
June Broughton
Old Lady
Amy Shaw
Old Lady
Geoff Oldham
Peter Armitage
Chief Constable
Andrew Norris
Fourth Policeman
Nayef Rashed
Victor in Disguise
Will Tacey
Fifth Policeman
Omar Sharif
Jason Redshaw
Sarah Desmond
Zoe (uncredited)
Steve Farrell
Extra (uncredited)
Ryan Kruger
Protester (uncredited)
Did you know?
A CGI shot of a wasp flying up Steve Coogan's nose took 12 hours and 10,000 feet of 35mm film before the wasp flying in a small glass cabinet could be coaxed into the nostril of green wax head
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As a gag, Steve Coogan featured three review quotes on the back of the UK version of the DVD, the first review reads: "Unarguably the greatest film ever made" which was quoted by Alan Partridge, a fictional character created by Coogan. Another review says "A Bag of Sh*te" quoted by Paul Calf, (another fictional creation of Coogan's), while the third review is a standard quote from a Hot Dog magazine review which reads: "Coogan is the new Peter Sellers".
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Simon Garden suffers from hypoglycemia. This is a backhanded tribute to Armando Iannucci who worked with Steve Coogan on his Alan Partridge character. The disorder is like a reverse diabetes in which the sufferer has to ingest carbohydrates on a regular basis to combat overproduction of insulin. This is why Simon is constantly eating potato crisps (US: "chips").
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The canal water is calm after Simon falls into it.
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It is never explained how the conspirators have such detailed knowledge about the lay out of the bank.
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A radio control vehicle would not work in a bank vault because the signal would be blocked by the walls.
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Colin: What we don't need is a curly headed wanker trying to be Captain Kirk.
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Simon Garden: You've got a lovely little pu... cat
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Kirsty: What is it?
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Photos from cast
Emma Williams