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165 min | 175 min (extended version)
Action | Drama | War
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Roland Emmerich
Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 8 wins & 17 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-06-28
Filming Locations: Stratford Hall Plantation, Westmoreland County, Virginia, USA
Budget: $110,000,000
Opening Weekend: $22,413,710 (USA) (2 July 2000)
Gross: $113,330,342 (USA) (15 October 2000)
Mary Jo Deschanel
Mary Jo Deschanel
The Patriot
Mel Gibson
Benjamin Martin
Heath Ledger
Gabriel Martin
Joely Richardson
Charlotte Selton
Jason Isaacs
Col. William Tavington
Chris Cooper
Col. Harry Burwell
Tchéky Karyo
Jean Villeneuve
Rene Auberjonois
Reverend Oliver
Lisa Brenner
Anne Howard
Tom Wilkinson
Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis
Donal Logue
Dan Scott
Leon Rippy
John Billings
Adam Baldwin
Capt. Wilkins
Jay Arlen Jones
Joey D. Vieira
Peter Howard
Gregory Smith
Thomas Martin
Mika Boorem
Margaret Martin
Skye McCole Bartusiak
Susan Martin
Trevor Morgan
Nathan Martin
Bryan Chafin
Samuel Martin
Logan Lerman
William Martin
Jamieson Price
Capt. Bordon
Peter Woodward
Charles O'Hara
Grahame Wood
Redcoat Lieutenant
Beatrice Bush
Abigale the Housekeeper
Shan Omar Huey
Hank Stone
Kirk Fox
Jack Moore
Mark Twogood
Colt Romberger
Terry Layman
Gen. George Washington
Shannon Eubanks
Mrs. Simms
Bill Roberson
Loyalist Simms
Charles Black
Andy Stahl
Gen. Nathanel Greene
Kristian Truelsen
Kanin Howell
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Wounded Continental
Zach Hanner
British Field Officer
Dara Coleman
Redcoat Sergeant #2
Randell Haynes
Patriot Middleton
John Storey
Cowpens Militiaman
Greg Good
Cowpens Militiaman
John F. Dzencelowcz II
Continental Soldier
John Curran
Redcoat Sergeant #1
Kyle Richard Engels
Billings' Son
John Bennes
Roy McCrerey
P. Dion Moore
Tyler Long
Page Poy
John H. Bush
Gil Johnson
Scott Miles
Patriot Private
Derrick B. Young
Slave Boy
Le Roy Seabrook
Gullah Minister
Samuel Brown Jr.
Gullah Musician
Samuel Brown Sr.
Gullah Musician
Lillie L. Harris
Gullah Musician
Braima Moiwai
Gullah Musician
Patrick Tatopoulos
French Naval Officer
Michael E. Rodgers
Tim Adair
Redcoat Private
Shane Ayon
Grinadier Soldier (uncredited)
Ryan Baber
Redcoat Private
Brad Batchelor
Cavalry Officer (uncredited)
Tasha Biering
Guest at Lord Cornwallis' Ball (uncredited)
Lonnie Burchfield
British Infantry / British Officer / Continental Cannonieer (uncredited)
Kathryn Burns
Guest at Lord Cornwallis' Ball (uncredited)
Robert Cannon
Redcoat Sergeant (uncredited)
Tad Carr
Redcoat /
Brian Patrick Catalano
Core Colonial Soldier (uncredited)
Joseph Congema
Redcoat / Continental Corporal (uncredited)
William Cranford
Solder (uncredited)
Casey Cunningham
Continental Private
Sam Edens
Redcoat / Continental / French Sergeant (uncredited)
Will Finch
Assemblyman (uncredited)
James Furey
Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Dennis Gomez
Redcoat Killed at Cowpens (uncredited)
Michael Mario Good
Redcoat / Charlotte's Servant (uncredited)
Dale Gould
Redcoat /
Mark Hale
Cpl. Martin's Man (uncredited)
Lee Hardin
Militiaman Reloading in Battle (uncredited)
C. Michael Haynes
Townsman (uncredited)
Matthew Helms
Patriot Kid (uncredited)
Kevin R. Hershberger
Martin's Militiaman (uncredited)
Eric Holloway
Townsman (uncredited)
Alex Houvouras
Continental Soldier (uncredited)
Patric Johnstone
Green Dragoon Cavalryman (uncredited)
Patrick G. Keenan
British Solidier (uncredited)
Kevin P. King
Redcoat / French Corporal (uncredited)
Gary Lane
Twin Continental Flagbearer (uncredited)
Larry Lane
Twin Continental Flagbearer (uncredited)
David Lowe
British Infantryman / Continental infantlryman / Continental Militiaman (uncredited)
James Lowery
Redcoat Private
Chad Mason
Redcoat /
Drew McClintock
Militiaman (uncredited)
Patrick McNulty
Continental Private
Matthew Mebane
Militiaman (uncredited)
Ken Moran
Redcoat /
Michael Neeley
Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier
John Neely
Member of Martin's Militia (uncredited)
Danny Nunn
Continental Private Hit in Leg by Cannonball
William Palko
Redcoat Private
Stephen Patrick
Redcoat Corporal (uncredited)
Reid Perry
Redcoat Private
Scott Peterson
Redcoat /
Don Pettit
Redcoat /
Marc Phillips
Redcoat /
Bert Puckett
Continental Lieutenant
Bryan Quan
Redcoat /
Morgan Raque
Continental Private
Steve Reaser
French Soldier (uncredited)
David Rivitz
Redcoat Private
Seneca Robinson
Angry Continental Private
Cliff Romberger
Colt's Father (uncredited)
David Michael Ross
British Seargeant (uncredited)
David Rotan
British Field Musician (uncredited)
Marvin Schroeder
Redcoat Colonel Saying 'Make Ready!' (uncredited)
Kemper Sease
Beach Slave (uncredited)
Girard Swan
Redcoat (uncredited)
Rock Taulbee
Redcoat Corporal (uncredited)
Nick Vachon
Militiaman (uncredited)
Max Valentine
French Navy Officer (uncredited)
Phil Warren
Redcoat Hacked to Death (uncredited)
Tim Zabel
Redcoat Private
Did you know?
The character of Col. Tavington is loosely based on Col. Banastre Tarleton, who was Cornwallis's cavalry commander. Col. Tarelton had a bad reputation, but some say he was not nearly as cold-hearted and evil as the fictitious Col. Tavington (though many historians portray them equally). In the movie, Colonel Tavington died at the end of the Battle of Cowpens. The real Banastre Tarleton lived to grow old until 1833, became a general and even served in the British Parliament.
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In addition to Marion, Mel Gibson's character is also based on the life of South Carolina militia leader General Andrew Pickens. Pickens had his estate torched and lost a son before he went back into action and led the militia forces at Cowpens.
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Aunt Charlotte's house is the same one used in Forrest Gump (1994), with slightly different interior paneling. The stone hedge visible in Forrest Gump is camouflaged with bushes in this film.
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At Gabriel's wedding Charlotte Selton responds "It's a free country" to Benjamin's request to sit. This phrase, used in this manner, did not come into use until the late 19th century.
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During an ambush, the militia is shown lining up opposite each other and then firing directly towards each other as the British troops ride between them. No competent officer would arrange his troops to fire at each other.
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When Benjamin and Gabriel are watching over the disastrous Battle of Camden, at which Benjamin marks Gates' stupidity at fighting muzzle to muzzle with the Redcoats, the American army are all Continental infantry. Martin and Gabriel meet up with the defeated army in camp, in command now by Colonel Harry Burwell. Later in the movie, before the final battle, still traveling with the same army, it is stated that nearly half the army is militia, yet before they were all Continentals. The Battle of Camden was 16AUG1780 and the battle of Cowpens was fought on 17JAN1781. This is 5 months after Camden. During this time, the army had undergone many changes, among them was the addition of nearly 1300 militia. The TOTAL force at Cowpens was estimated at about 1900 men. This would put the total militia at over 50%. Furthermore, it is not stated that Gates only had regulars at Camden. Infact, of the 3,700 he had at Camden, only about 1500 were regular troops, with the remaining being militia.
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Lord General Cornwallis: Fine soldier you are, bested by a bedtime story.
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Benjamin Martin: Not yet... Thomas.
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General O'Hara: [carrying a British uniform stuffed like a scarecrow] Your grace, one of our captured officers.
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Why does Martin tell his two boys to shoot the officers first when rescuing Gabriel?
For three reasons: (1) The officers would be more experienced in defending the column that was escorting Gabriel to prison. They'd be better able than those lower in rank to fight off an attack by a single man and two boys. Additionally, officer training is more intense and involved than basic training & they would be more knowledgeable in combat tactics. (2) With the officers dead, the other Redcoats in the column would find it harder to organize themselves into a single & effective fighting unit to repel the attack, as we plainly saw happen. So, without the officers yelling orders to the lower ranking soldiers, it was easier for Martin to mount his attack successfully. (3) Targeting officers specifically was not a standard military tactic at the time. It was not part of the gentlemanly code of warfare and would cause upset and confusion when the Rebels used this tactic.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut?
As suspected by many people the "new" Extended Cut features mostly scenes, that were first used as deleted scenes for the old DVD release. Now these passages were re-integrated into the movie, adding up nearly 11 minutes to the movie. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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