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The Phantom of the Opera

USA:84 min | UK:90 min
Drama | Horror | Music | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Terence Fisher
1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 1962-08-15
Filming Locations: Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire, England, UK
Heather Sears
Heather Sears
The Phantom of the Opera
Herbert Lom
The Phantom (Prof. L. Petrie)
Edward de Souza
Harry Hunter
Thorley Walters
Michael Gough
Lord Ambrose d'Arcy
Harold Goodwin
Martin Miller
Liane Aukin
Sonya Cordeau
Marne Maitland
Miriam Karlin
Patrick Troughton
The Rat Catcher
Renee Houston
Mrs. Tucker
Keith Pyott
John Harvey
Sgt. Vickers
Michael Ripper
Longfaced Cabbie
Miles Malleson
2nd Cabby
Ian Wilson
The Dwarf
Ray Cooper
Shocked Tympanist (uncredited)
Leila Forde
Teresa (uncredited)
Geoff L'Cise
Frenchman (uncredited)
Waveney Lee
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
John Maddison
Police Insp. Dawson (uncredited)
Laurie Main
Forbes (uncredited)
Jane Merrow
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Liam Redmond
Police Insp. Ward (uncredited)
Fred Wood
Stagehand (uncredited)
Did you know?
According to producer Anthony Hinds(in Wayne Kinsey's book "Hammer: The Bray Studio Years"), Cary Grant was originally slated not for the role of the Phantom, as is commonly assumed, but for the romantic lead, eventually played by Edward de Souza.
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The mask was made on the fly just before shooting out of cloth, tape, string and paint.
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The film takes place in 1890 and December 1900.
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The film, set in the Edwardian period (around 1900), features an opera called "Saint Joan". But Joan of Arc was not canonized until 1920.
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All the times we see the Phantom prior to being unmasked, his forehead above the mask is clean. But for a split second before he rips the mask off, a small scar is visible on the right side of his forehead.
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The printer tells Harry that Professor Petrie tried to dowse the fire with acid, which splashed back in his face and scarred him, after which he ran away and was never seen again. If the story is as he tells it, however, no one would know what happened, since Petrie was the only person present.
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Harry Hunter: [Harry is asking Christine to go out to lunch with him after she has been dismissed from the opera] I insist that you come and celebrate.
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The Phantom: I am going to teach you to sing, Christine. I am going to give you a new voice! A voice so wonderful that theatres all over the world will be filled with your admirers. You will be the greatest star the opera has ever known. Greater than the greatest! And when you sing, Christine, you will be singing only... for me.
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Was Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor associated with horror before this film? Who chose to use that piece in this film, and why did they choose it?
Yes. It was used in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1932).It was also played in the Lugosi/Karloff version of "The Black Cat" (1932).The Toccata and Fugue was also used as the opening number in Disney's "FANTASIA" (1940) as well as "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", in which Captain Nemo plays the work on the Nautilus' organ.This film, however, was the first time that Bach and the Phantom were teamed on film.
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Heather Sears