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The Possession

92 min
Horror | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Ole Bornedal
1 win & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-08-31
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Budget: $14,000,000
Opening Weekend: $17,732,480 (USA) (2 September 2012)
Gross: $49,122,319 (USA) (18 November 2012)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kyra Sedgwick
Natasha Calis
Madison Davenport
Grant Show
Rob LaBelle
Nana Gbewonyo
Anna Hagan
Brenda Crichlow
Miss Shandy
Jay Brazeau
Professor McMannis
Iris Quinn
Graeme Duffy
Lab Tech
David Hovan
Chris Shields
Assistant Coach
Adam Young
Jim Thorburn
First Responder
Quinn Lord
Nimet Kanji
Nurse Patty
James O'Sullivan
Pest Control Guy
Marilyn Norry
Armin Chaim Kornfeld
Rebbe Shah
John Cassini
Stephanie's Attorney
Josh Whyte
Greg Rogers
Dr. Walterson
Jarett John
Timothy Paul Perez
Officer (as Tim Perez)
Cameron Sprague
Jordan Stein
Hasidic Teen
Charles Siegel
Hasidic #1
Ari Solomon
Hasidic #2
Alex Bruhanski
Hasidic #3
Richard Newman
Hasidic #4
Robert Morrissette
Hasidic #5
Sol Pavony
Hasidic Rabbi
Erin Simms
Possessed Italian Girl
Frank Ferrucci
Italian Priest
Sharmaine Yeoh
Possessed Islamic Girl
Antoine Safi
Islamic Male Exorcist
Ned Bellamy
Peter Brown
Jewish Man (uncredited)
Kyle Cornell
Student (uncredited)
Amanda Dyar
Sidewalk Passerby (uncredited)
Steve Saunders
Hasidic Jew (uncredited)
Did you know?
While promoting the film on Craig Ferguson [airdate 8/29/12], Jeffrey Dean Morgan reported that strange incidents took place during production that couldn't be explained. Lights exploded during the filming of key scenes; and just two days after wrapping principal photography, all of the props for the film, stored in case of re-shoots, were destroyed in a fire that mysteriously erupted from within the storage-house.
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The book that the father brings into the house and reads at Emma's bedside is the ArtScroll/Mesorah edition of the Tenach (Jewish Bible = Old Testament), first published in 1996, and he is reading from the English translation there of Psalm 91. That edition follows the Orthodox affectation of using "HaShem" (literally, 'THE Name') where most other English versions have "The Lord"; the same substitution occurs in the Hebrew prayers recited in the synagogue and exorcism scenes.
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At the end, when the demon in the box is speaking after the car crash, it says "So many mushrooms, sitting in the grass" (this appears to be from a Polish nursery rhyme).
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Although it's not seen directly during the MRI scene, the plot implies that Em never removes the ring. Em would have been unable to wear the ring on her hand during the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test. Even if it was non-ferromagnetic (like gold), it could have still interfered with the test and medical staff would have likely removed it prior to bringing her into the room.
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When Clyde is shown lying on his couch throwing a basketball up in the air, a band-aid is seen on the back of his hand, before his hand gets stabbed.
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SPOILER:When the demon takes control of Clyde, the mysterious box moves between shots.
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Em: She's still hungry.
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Em: Daddy, you scared me.
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Clyde: HEY! Stay away from my kids teeth!
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What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version?
In order to achieve a PG-13 rating several scenes were shortened from the original R-Rated version and altogether approx. 28 differences can be found between boh versions. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
Is this movie based on a true story?
Loosely. It is based on the true story of the Dybbuk Box, a wine cabinet which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. It had belonged to a Polish Holocaust survivor named Havela, who had escaped to Spain and purchased it there before emigrating to the United States. The Box had been kept in her grandmother's sewing room and was never opened because a dybbuk -- an evil spirit from Jewish folklore -- was said to live inside it. He offered to give the box back to her, but she became upset and refused to take it. The box contained two 1920s pennies, a lock of blonde hair bound with cord, a lock of black/brown hair bound with cord, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word "Shalom", a small, golden wine goblet, one dried rose bud, and a single candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs. It was sold in an eBay auction by a seller who claimed that strange things had been happening in their household after purchasing it at a flea market. This is the box that inspired them to make the film.
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