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The Prince of Egypt

99 min
Animation | Adventure | Drama | Family | Musical
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Brenda Chapman
Won Oscar. Another 8 wins & 25 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-12-18
Budget: $70,000,000
Opening Weekend: $14,524,321 (USA) (20 December 1998)
Gross: $101,217,900 (USA) (16 May 1999)
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Brian Stokes Mitchell
The Prince of Egypt
Val Kilmer
Ralph Fiennes
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sandra Bullock
Jeff Goldblum
Danny Glover
Patrick Stewart
Helen Mirren
The Queen
Steve Martin
Martin Short
Bobby Motown
Rameses Son
Eden Riegel
Young Miriam
Ofra Haza
James Avery
Additional Voices (voice)
Aria Noelle Curzon
Additional Voices (voice)
Stephanie Sawyer
Additional Voices (voice)
Francesca Smith
Additional Voices (voice)
Shira Roth
Hebrew Child (singing voice)
Michel Patrician
Hebrew Child (singing voice)
Christopher Marquette
Hebrew Child (singing voice)
Justin Timsit
Hebrew Child (singing voice)
Andrew Johnson
Boy Soloist (singing voice)
Jack Angel
Egyptian (voice) (uncredited)
Mel Brooks
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Amick Byram
Brenda Chapman
Sally Dworsky
Jon Robert Hall
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Phillip Ingram
(voice) (uncredited)
Linda Shayne
The Queen
Brian Tochi
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Did you know?
Obviously changes were made to the story to make it work as an animated feature. Here is a short list of differences between the movie and the Biblical account of the Exodus. 1. Moses was "adopted" by Pharaoh's daughter, not his wife.2. Moses murdered the Egyptian slave master and even tried to hide his body. He did not kill him by accident.3. Aaron supported Moses from the beginning and even helped perform some of the miracles of God. Aaron did not doubt Moses.4. It was Aaron who turned his staff into a snake and turned the water of the Nile to blood, not Moses.
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The movie was also banned in Indonesia, but later released in Video CD format.
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It was originally intended that a woman and a child's voice would also be used, as God, but it was decided that might offend some viewers. Hence Val Kilmer played the voice of God also.
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During Moses's nightmare, Miriam is wearing pink (like she does throughout the rest of the film). When they arrive at the water's edge and the adult Moses sees his mother put his baby counterpart in the basket, Miriam is wearing orange.
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While Rameses and Moses are fleeing from the temple on their chariots their horses neck bands are missing.
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When Moses is dragged by the camel, his arm is looped through a brown bag filled with water. Just before his head hits the well, his arm is looped through a red strap.
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Moses: I figured it out. You know what your problem is, Rameses? You care too much.
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Seti: Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous sons?
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Moses: Yes, Aaron, it's true. Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God's wonders.
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What is the song in Hebrew that the child sings at the end of the film?
The text for this passage in the song "When You Believe" comes from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 15, Verses 1, 11 and 13:(Exodus 15:1a) A-shir-ra la-do-nai ki ga-oh ga-oh | (I will sing to the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously)(Exodus 15:11a) Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai | (Who is like You, oh Lord, among the gods)(Exodus 15:11b) Mi-ka-mo-cha ne-dar-ba-ko-desh | (Who is like You, majestic in holiness)(Exodus 15:13) Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta | (In Your Love, You lead the people You redeemed)(Exodus 15:1) A-shir-ra, A-shir-ra, A-shir-ra | (I will sing, I will sing, I will sing)(Originally posted by user cierpke, including attributions to chapter and verse.)
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