The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
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The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover

USA:112 min
Biography | Drama
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Larry Cohen
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Renaissance Mayflower Hotel - 1127 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Michael Parks
Michael Parks
The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
Broderick Crawford
J. Edgar Hoover
James Wainwright
Young Hoover
José Ferrer
Lionel McCoy
Celeste Holm
Florence Hollister
Rip Torn
Dwight Webb
Dan Dailey
Clyde Tolson
Ronee Blakley
Carrie DeWitt (as Roneé Blakley)
Howard Da Silva
Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt
John Marley
Dave Hindley
Michael Sacks
Melvin Purvis
Raymond St. Jacques
Martin Luther King
June Havoc
Hoover's Mother
Lloyd Nolan
Attorney General Harlan Stone
Andrew Duggan
Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson
Jack Cassidy
Damon Runyon
George Plimpton
Quentin Reynolds
Lloyd Gough
Walter Winchell
William Jordan
Pres. John F. Kennedy
Brad Dexter
Alvin Karpis
George Wallace
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Henderson Forsythe
Fred J. Scollay
William Wellman Jr.
Dwight Webb Sr.
Ellen Barber
Janice Harper - FBI Secretary
Art Lund
Mary Alice Moore
Miss Bryant
Jim Antonio
Senator Kenneth McKellar
Gregory Abels
President's Aide (as Gregg Abels)
Dan Resin
President's Advisor
James Dixon
Penny DuPont
Alvin Miles
John Bay
Heywood Brown
Brooks Morton
Earl Warren
Richard M. Dixon
The President
James Dukas
Ron Faber
Sam Chew Jr.
FBI agent
Paul Thomas
FBI agent
Ken Harvey
FBI agent
Jack Drummond
FBI agent
Colin Bremner
FBI agent
Dana Rowe
FBI agent
Hanns Manship
FBI Agent
Ed Nast
FBI agent
Tanya Roberts
Margolyn Curtis
Stewardess (as Margo Lynn Curtis)
Larry Pines
John Stefano
Harry Brunette
Jennifer Lee
Ethel Brunette
Gwyn Gilliss
Mary Jo Kopechne (voice)
Bruce Weitz
Voice on Tape
Wyman Kane
Senator Markum
Gordon Zimmerman
Marty Lee
Muffin Man
Reno Carell
Dillinger (as Reno Carrel)
Frank Rohrbach
White House aide
Joe Mayo
White House aide
Joe ArrowSmith
Did you know?
This was Dan Dailey's last movie, released 10 months before his death at age 64.
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The film had a formal screening at the Kennedy Center, but members of both parties in the largely political audience were irritated by the film's unflattering depiction of not only Republicans such as Richard Nixon, but also Democrats such as the Kennedys and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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The film was shot at authentic locations such as J. Edgar Hoover's office and home, the FBI's headquarters in Washington, DC, and training facility in Virginia, and the Mayflower Hotel (where Hoover ate lunch daily).
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Lionel McCoy: [sarcastically] Give my regards to the Wizard of Oz!
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Marshall Borden Michael Parks