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The Promoter

85 min | UK:91 min
IMDB rate:
Ronald Neame
Nominated for Oscar.
Country: UK
Release Date: 1952-08-14
Filming Locations: D&P Studios, Denham Studios, Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Alec Guinness
Edward Henry 'Denry' Machin
Glynis Johns
Ruth Earp
Valerie Hobson
Countess of Chell
Petula Clark
Nellie Cotterill
Edward Chapman
Herbert Duncalf
Veronica Turleigh
Mrs. Machin
George Devine
Mr. H. Calvert
Joan Hickson
Mrs. Codleyn
Frank Pettingell
Police Superintendent
Gibb McLaughlin
Joey the Mule
Joey the Mule
Peter Copley
P. Shillitoe (uncredited)
Mark Daly
Lord Mayor (uncredited)
Deidre Doyle
Widow Hullins (uncredited)
Henry Edwards
Mr. Cotterill
Lyn Evans
Cregeen (uncredited)
Tom Gill
Miriam's Young Man (uncredited)
Harold Goodwin
John (uncredited)
Matthew Guinness
Denry as a Boy (uncredited)
May Hallatt
Ladies Committee Member (uncredited)
Paul Hopkins
Denry as a Baby (uncredited)
Michael Hordern
Bank Manager (uncredited)
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Lord at Liverpool Boat Harbour (uncredited)
Ann Lancaster
Miriam (uncredited)
Alison Leggatt
Mrs. Cotterill (uncredited)
Norman Macowan
Simeon (uncredited)
Raymond Rollett
Works Bandmaster (uncredited)
Brian Roper
Newsboy at Football Stadium (uncredited)
Ewen Solon
Bookstall Attendant at Llandudno (uncredited)
Frank Tickle
Mr. Bostock (uncredited)
Did you know?
The tune played during the parade at the end of the movie is the "Colonel Bogey March", which was used prominently in another Alec Guinness film, The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957).
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At the very end of the film, the town band strikes up the Col. Bogey March. Five years later, the same piece of music would become better known as the theme from the Alec Guinness movie "Bridge on the river Kwai."
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Inside the moving van, the position of the match in Denry's hand changes between shots.
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Editing: In the parade at the end of the film, the star footballer signed by Machin (who doesn't yet appear in the cast credits) winks at the grandees during the march past in long shot followed second later by the close-up of the same action.
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Photos from cast
Michael Trubshawe