The Purchase Price
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The Purchase Price

68 min (TCM print)
Drama | Comedy
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William A. Wellman
Country: USA
Release Date: 1932-07-23
George Brent
Jim Gilson
Lyle Talbot
Eddie Fields
Hardie Albright
Don Leslie
David Landau
Bull McDowell
Murray Kinnell
Leila Bennett
Mae Busch
Queenie - Girl on Train (uncredited)
Nick Copeland
Skins' Pal at Shivaree (uncredited)
Mike Donlin
Tom Buchanan - Man at Shivaree (uncredited)
Harrison Greene
Man in Train Station (uncredited)
Crauford Kent
A.C. Peters - the Banker (uncredited)
Matt McHugh
Waco - Fields' Henchman (uncredited)
John 'Skins' Miller
Skins - the Accordion Player (uncredited)
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer
Dance Extra (uncredited)
Henry Otho
Extra in Beer Hall and at Shivaree (uncredited)
Bob Perry
Waco's Pal (uncredited)
'Snub' Pollard
Joe Atterbury - the Harmonica Player (uncredited)
Victor Potel
Clyde (uncredited)
Jed Prouty
Elks Crossing Jeweller (uncredited)
Cyril Ring
Second Man Joan Sings To (uncredited)
Henry Roquemore
First Man Joan Sings To (uncredited)
Tiny Sandford
Sam Perkins - Man at Shivaree (uncredited)
Anne Shirley
Sarah Tipton - the Daughter (uncredited)
Suzanne Talbot
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Kathrin Clare Ward
Hotel Lobby Scrubwoman (uncredited)
Lucille Ward
Ma - Elmer's Wife (uncredited)
Adele Watson
Mrs. Sarah Tipton (uncredited)
Clarence Wilson
Elmer, the Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Did you know?
The blood during the fight between the two male leads was real.
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During the wheat-burning scene a stand-in was used instead of Barbara Stanwyck, but she didn't think the stand-in acted as the character so Stanwyck decided to play it herself. This resulted in her getting some burns on her legs, but she never complained.
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Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Ya daffy little tahmata, I'm bugs about ya. I'd marry ya myself, if I wasn't already married.
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Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Say, when a guy like him marries a doll like you, I'll kiss your... foot... in Macy's window at high noon.
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Queenie, Girl on Train: [Looking at a picture] Oh, yours has got bushy eyebrows; he'll tickle ya every time he kisses ya.
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