The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
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The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

105 min
Horror | Mystery
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J. Lee Thompson
Country: USA
Release Date: 1975-10-29
Filming Locations: Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
Michael Sarrazin
Peter Proud
Jennifer O'Neill
Ann Curtis
Cornelia Sharpe
Nora Hayes
Paul Hecht
Dr. Samuel Goodman
Tony Stephano
Jeff Curtis
Norman Burton
Dr. Frederick Spear
Anne Ives
Ellen Curtis
Jon Richards
Newspaper Custodian
Steve Franken
Dr. Charles Crennis
Fred Stuthman
Pop Johnson
Lester Fletcher
Car Salesman
Paul Nevens
Room Clerk
Breanna Benjamin
Miss Hagerson
Addison Powell
Phillip Clark
Number Five
Gene Boland
Albert Henderson
Police Sergeant
Connie Garrison
Sam Laws
Satan's Disciple
Mary Margaret Amato
Terry Green
College Student
Jacqueline Manning
Lab Assistant
Henry Cosimini
Square Dance Caller
Douglas Rutherford
Club Steward
Marjorie Eaton
Astrology Lady (as Marjorie Morley Eaton)
Shelley St. Clair
Bookstore Clerk
Did you know?
Margot Kidder is about six months younger than Jennifer O'Neill in real life, yet she played Miss O'Neill's character's mother in this film.
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Title is a misnomer - according to plot, a dead character named Jeff Curtis is person who is reincarnated in the body of Peter Proud. Living people aren't reincarnated.
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When Peter leaves the showroom where he sees the 1937 Cord, the motorcycle police escort for the driving scene is clearly visible in the mirrored widows of the buildings across the street.
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When Peter goes to newspaper office to research decades-old murder of someone named Curtis, newspaper librarian looks up appropriate microfilm reel by victim's last name. In reality, all newspaper microfilms - a photographic record of all newspaper pages from a certain period - are filed by dates of newspaper recorded - not specific events.
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Jeff Curtis: You bore me, you bitch.
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Marcia Curtis: Who are you? You're not Peter Proud, you're some kind of monster! You're trying to get at me through Ann, well just leave her alone you bastard! Just leave us alone. Just leave ME alone. How? How could you know what we said that night?
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Margot Kidder Debralee Scott