The Return of Ringo
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The Return of Ringo

Italy:95 min | Spain:104 min | West Germany:96 min
Action | Drama | Romance | Western
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Duccio Tessari
Country: Italy
Filming Locations: Can Fàbregas, Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Gross: ESP 15,247,019 (Spain) Admissions 978,624 (Spain)
Giuliano Gemma
Giuliano Gemma
The Return of Ringo
Fernando Sancho
Esteban Fuentes
Lorella De Luca
Helen Brown / Hally Fitzgerald (as Hally Hammond)
Nieves Navarro
Rosita, the Saloon-girl
Antonio Casas
Sheriff Carson
Manuel Muñiz
Myosotis / Morning Glory (as Pajarito)
Mónica Sugranes
Elizabeth Brown
Víctor Bayo
Jeremiah Pitt, the Saloon owner
Tunet Vila
Mimbreno, the Apache medicine man
Juan Torres
Bartender at Mimbres' village
Jose Halufi
George Martin
Don Fernando Paco Fuentes
Fernando Di Leo
Gunman (uncredited)
Frank Oliveras
Gunman (uncredited)
Montserrat Prous
Mexican girl (uncredited)
Ricardo Valor
Priest (uncredited)
Rinaldo Zamperla
Gunman (uncredited)
Did you know?
The video distribution in Brazil by Ocean Filmes was made under the title "Uma Pistola para Ringo" which is the literal translation of the earlier film _Una pistola per Ringo (1965)_, by the same director and mostly the same cast and crew. Shortly after, the distributor made a new edition with both 1965 Ringo titles. The problem was widely known, but not enough to prevent USA Filmes from committing the same mistake when it distributed the film in DVD.
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Italian censorship visa #46134 issued December 7, 1965. Running time of 96 minutes.
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Giuliano Gemma