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The Right Stuff

193 min
Adventure | Drama | History
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Philip Kaufman
Won 4 Oscars. Another 11 wins & 11 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1983-10-21
Filming Locations: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field - U.S. Route 101, Mountain View, California, USA
Budget: $27,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,601,167 (USA) (23 October 1983)
Gross: $21,500,000 (USA) Rentals $10,400,000 (USA)
Mary Jo Deschanel
Mary Jo Deschanel
The Right Stuff
Sam Shepard
Chuck Yeager
Scott Glenn
Alan Shepard
Ed Harris
John Glenn
Dennis Quaid
Gordon Cooper
Fred Ward
Gus Grissom
Barbara Hershey
Glennis Yeager
Kim Stanley
Pancho Barnes
Veronica Cartwright
Betty Grissom
Pamela Reed
Trudy Cooper
Scott Paulin
Deke Slayton
Charles Frank
Scott Carpenter
Lance Henriksen
Wally Schirra
Donald Moffat
Lyndon B. Johnson
Levon Helm
Jack Ridley
Scott Wilson
Scott Crossfield
Kathy Baker
Louise Shepard
Mickey Crocker
Marge Slayton
Susan Kase
Rene Carpenter
Mittie Smith
Jo Schirra
Royal Dano
Jim Haynie
Air Force Major
Jeff Goldblum
Harry Shearer
Scott Beach
Chief Scientist
Anthony Munoz
John P. Ryan
Head of Program
Darryl Henriques
Life Reporter
Eric Sevareid
Eric Sevareid
William Russ
Slick Goodlin
Drew Letchworth
The Permanent Press Corps
Christopher P. Beale
The Permanent Press Corps
Richard Dupell
The Permanent Press Corps
William Hall
The Permanent Press Corps
John X. Heart
The Permanent Press Corps
Ed Holmes
The Permanent Press Corps
Jack Bruno Tate
The Permanent Press Corps
Edward Anhalt
Grand Designer
Mary Apick
Woman Reporter
Robert Beer
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Erik Bergmann
Eddie Hodges
James Brady
Aide to Lyndon B. Johnson (as James M. Brady)
Katherine Conklin
Woman TV Reporter
Maureen Coyne
Tom Dahlgren
Bell Aircraft Executive
John Lion
Bell Aircraft Executive
Peggy Davis
Sally Rand
John Dehner
Henry Luce
Robert Elross
Review Board President
Drew Eshelman
Assistant Scientist
Robert J. Geary
Game Show M.C.
Royce Grones
1st X-1 Pilot (as Major Royce Grones)
David Gulpilil
Anthony Wallis
Australian Driver (as Anthony Wallace)
Kaaren Lee
Young Widow
Sandy Kronemeyer
Cocoa Beach Girl
Frankie Di
Cocoa Beach Girl
Michael Pritchard
Ed Corbett
O-Lan Jones
Girl at Pancho's (as O-Lan Shepard)
Mark Todd
Astronaut Trainee
Allen Gebhardt
Astronaut Trainee (as Alan Gebhart)
Chuck Yeager
Fred (as General Chuck Yeager)
Ed Sullivan
Himself (archive footage)
Gilbert Bazan
Spectator (uncredited)
Ronnie Dee Blaire
Voiceover (uncredited)
Nikolai Bulganin
Himself - Viewing Parade for Gagarin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Bill Dana
José Jimenez (archive footage) (uncredited)
Yuri Gagarin
Himself - Embracing Khrushchev (archive footage) (uncredited)
Lyndon Johnson
Himself - Standing Behind JFK (archive footage) (uncredited)
John F. Kennedy
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Nikita Khrushchev
Himself - Embracing Gagarin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Christopher Kriesa
Mission Control Room Man (uncredited)
Georgi Malenkov
Himself - Viewing Parade for Gagarin (archive footage) (uncredited)
James Mathers
Capt. Mills (uncredited)
Anastas Mikoyan
Himself - Viewing Parade for Gagarin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Mimi Sarkisian
New Mexico Nurse in Lobby (uncredited)
Greg r Stone
Hero Extra (uncredited)
Tony Toscano
Reporter (uncredited)
Kliment Voroshilov
Himself - Viewing Parade for Gagarin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Did you know?
Bill Conti was appointed so late in the production, he was actually scoring to the fine cut of the film instead of a first cut which composers are usually given to work to.
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When Ed Harris appeared in Apollo 13 (1995), it gave him the unique distinction of appearing with some of the same characters from The Right Stuff (1983) but played by different actors. Like Deke Slayton. Others are mentioned but never seen like Alan Shepard and the late Gus Grissom.
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Allegedly composer Bill Conti wrote about three different scores for this film. The first consisting of his own original work. The second one being one that featured Holst's The Planets as inspiration. The final score purely copied the film's temp track which was primarily The Planet's peace under the condition that if 'Philip Kaufman' used that portion of the score he would've had to credit Gustav Holst, the real composer of the music knowing that he was plagiarizing it for Kaufman's benefit and did not want to take credit for something that was written by someone else. They had a compromise in the end, using the middle score that Conti wrote inspired by Holst, and the incorporation of "Wild Blue Yonder" during the Yeagher's Triumph sequence and Henry Mancini's White Dawn track stayed in the film. Conti would go on to win for Best Original score despite the fact that it was somewhat of an adaptation of The Planets.
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Alan Shepard was wearing a helmet from VA-122, a flight training squadron at NAS Lemoore, but when his A-4 was shown landing onboard the USS Lexington, it had the bright green XE painted on the rudder of a VX-5 (Air Test and Evaluation Squadron-Five) jet of NWC China Lake, Ca.
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When Alan Shepard meets with president Kennedy after his first flight astronaut Scott Carpenter (played by actor Charles Frank) is seen in the background to the left. When Kennedy in the real life footage bends down to pick up Shepard's decoration from the ground Carpenter can also be seen among the people behind the president.
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When the Bell X-1 is released from the B-29 for its supersonic flight, there's a shot of the X-1 through the canopy of another plane, flying right underneath in close proximity (presumably real stock footage). However in a reverse shot out of the bomb bay directly before then, there is no such plane escorting.
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John Glenn: I don't want anything to put this program in a bad light. I mean, we've got the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm sorry but I am not going to stand by and let other people compromise the whole darn thing. You know and I know this could lead to something very unfortunate.
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Jack Ridley: [showing Life Magazine cover with astronaut chimp] There he is, Captain Ham! Does he look like the kind of fella that would put doo doo in the capsule?
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John Glenn: Annie, listen to me, OK? You listening? If you don't want the Vice President or the TV networks or anybody else to come into the house, then that's it, as far as I'm concerned. They are NOT coming in, and I will back you all the way, a hundred percent on this. And you tell them that, OK? I don't want Johnson or any of the rest of them to set as much as one TOE inside our house.
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