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The Rock

136 min
Action | Adventure | Thriller
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Michael Bay
Nominated for Oscar. Another 8 wins & 8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-06-07
Filming Locations: Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California, USA
Budget: $70,000,000
Opening Weekend: $25,069,525 (USA) (9 June 1996)
Gross: $134,006,721 (USA) (10 November 1996)
Claire Forlani
Claire Forlani
The Rock
Ric Drasin
Ric Drasin
The Rock
Celeste Weaver
Celeste Weaver
The Rock
Sean Connery
John Patrick Mason
Nicolas Cage
Stanley Goodspeed
Ed Harris
General Francis X. Hummel
John Spencer
F.B.I. Director Womack
David Morse
Major Tom Baxter
William Forsythe
Ernest Paxton
Michael Biehn
Commander Anderson
Vanessa Marcil
Carla Pestalozzi
John C. McGinley
Marine Captain Hendrix
Gregory Sporleder
Captain Frye
Tony Todd
Captain Darrow
Bokeem Woodbine
Sergeant Crisp
Jim Maniaci
Private Scarpetti
Greg Collins
Private Gamble
Brendan Kelly
Private Cox
Steve Harris
Private McCoy
Danny Nucci
Lieutenant Shepard
Todd Louiso
Marvin Isherwood
David Bowe
Dr. Ling
Raquel Krelle
Agent Margie Wood
Dennis Chalker
Seal Boyer
Marshall R. Teague
Seal Reigert (as Marshall Teague)
Duffy Gaver
Seal Dando
Steve Decker
Navy Seals
Joseph Hawes
Navy Seals
Mike Mahrer
Navy Seals
Carlos Sandoval
Navy Seals
Rick Toms
Navy Seals
Billy Devlin
Navy Seals
Jack Yates
Hummel Marine 'A'
Juan A. Riojas
Hummel Marine 'B'
Joseph Patrick Kelly
Hummel Marine 'C'
Ingo Neuhaus
Marine That Dies
John Laughlin
General Peterson
Harry Humphries
Navy Admiral
Howard Platt
Louis Lindstrom
Willie Garson
Francis Reynolds
John Nathan
F.B.I. Radar Technicians
Robert M. Anselmo
F.B.I. Radar Technicians
Jack Ford
Military Official
Thomas J. Hageboeck
F.B.I. Agent Cord
Dwight Hicks
F.B.I. Agent Star
Ralph Peduto
F.B.I. Agent Hunt
Anthony Clark
Paul the Hotel Barber
Andy Ryan
Lab Technician
Hans Georg Struhar
Robert C. Besgrove
F.B.I. Agent
Sean Skelton
Kid on Motorcycle
Raymond O'Connor
Park Ranger Bob
Jane Sanguinetti
Female Tourists
Female Tourists
John W. Love Jr.
Male Tourist
Sam Whipple
Larry Henderson
Tom Towles
Alcatraz Park Rangers
Ronald Simmons
Alcatraz Park Rangers
Robert Ben Rajab
Alcatraz Park Rangers
Leonard McMahan
Cable Car Conductor
Anthony Guidera
Lead F-18 Pilot
Jim Caviezel
Rear F-18 Pilot
John Enos III
Sea Stallion Pilot
Ken Kells
Fred Salvallon
Buck Kartalian
Stanley Anderson
The President (uncredited)
Xander Berkeley
Richard Conti
Detective (uncredited)
Raymond Cruz
Sergeant Rojas
David Marshall Grant
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair
Matthew James Gulbranson
U.S. Marine
Philip Baker Hall
Chief Justice
Michael Rose
FBI Agent
Theodore Carl Soderberg
Police officer (uncredited)
Jeronimo Spinx
F.B.I. Radar Technicians (uncredited)
Ezra Stanley
Kevin Weisman
Stuart Wilson
General Al Kramer
Did you know?
Tony Scott was originally supposed to direct but turned it down to direct The Fan.
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Sean Connery (Mason) says he was trained by British intelligence, like his old character James Bond.
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There are several theories that Sean Connery's character is in fact an older version of his own James Bond character.
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Throughout the San Francisco car chase scene, driver frequently turn their steering wheels as if they were on a narrow and winding lane when their cars are moving in a more or less straight or at least consistently curved line. numerous cars are also shown to explode after being hit at roughly forty to fifty miles an hour. Both are common goofs for the genre but happen so frequently in such a short space of time in this movie that it's worthy of a mention.
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For operational security reasons, Navy SEALS never acknowledge each other by rank, nor do they use their surnames. Everyone on a SEAL team, even the officers, only address each other by first name.
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As the Marines are patrolling, they continuously charge their weapons. While on patrol, it would be assumed that they would already have a round in the chamber. As a result, charging the weapon again would not only be unnecessary, but it would cause the weapon to eject a perfectly good round.
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Stanley Goodspeed: Okay, I've got some bad news, and some really bad news. The bad news is, is that the gas is corrosive and its eating our suits...
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General Hummel: Remember Operation Desert Storm? Those surgical hits made by our smart bombs that were covered so well on CNN? It was my men on the ground that made those hits possible by lazing the targets. Twenty of those men were left to rot outside Baghdad after the conflict ended. No benefits were payed to their families. No medals conferred. These men died for their country and they weren't even given a goddamn military burial. This situation is unacceptable. You will transfer one hundred million dollars from Grand Cayman Red Sea trading company to an account I designate. From these funds, one million dollars will be paid to each of the eighty-three marines' families. The rest of the funds, I will disperse at my discretion. Do I make myself clear?
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Stanley Goodspeed: How, in the name of Zeus's butthole, did you get out of your cell?
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How does atropine counter the effects of VX?
Since VX causes strong muscle contractions, the logical treatment would be administering a compound that causes muscle relaxation. Atropine has this capacity; it binds to, and thereby inhibits, (most of) the nerve receptors that bind acetylcholine, thereby prohibiting the excess acetylcholine that continuously activates the nerves. In turn, this prevents the muscles from going into involuntary spasms and keeps the body from convulsing. Atropine acts fast and is a first-line remedy against the life-threatening spasms, which cause asphyxia. Injection into the heart upon contact with a nerve gas like VX is to assure that the heart is not slowed down to a cardiac arrest as well as to spread the atropine quickly and optimally throughout the body, as the heart is the source of all blood flow. However, just administering atropine alone would not be enough, because it would only treat the symptoms of VX poisoning and not the cause. Normally, pralidoxime (2-PAM) is also given, which reactivates the cholinesterase that has been inactivated by VX. Since 2-PAM works a lot slower than atropine, the latter still needs to be given; otherwise the victim may have already died from suffocation before 2-PAM starts to take effect. Diazepam should also be administered, because it acts as an anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant, thus calming down the patient. Atropine and the additional compounds work best as preventive measures. When administered after exposure to VX or another nerve gas, it will stop the toxic effects, but there will almost certainly be some amount of permanent neurological damage.
How was VX gas discovered 'by accident', as Goodspeed says?
A chemist was experimenting with a group of organophosphate compounds. This yielded one that was initially marketed as a pesticide called Amiton. However, this compound quickly proved to be too dangerous for safe application, so it was withdrawn. However, the British Armed Forces showed interest and created a class of related compounds to be used as nerve agent. VX is one of them, and is potentially the most toxic compound synthetically created.
How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for The Rock can be found here.
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