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60 min (123 episodes)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Lawrence Dobkin
Nominated for 4 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 22 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1974-09-13
Filming Locations: Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
Did you know?
In the pilot movie Rockford and his client share hotdogs at "Tail of the Pup".
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The character of Rockford was originally written in an unproduced script for the ABC series Toma (1973). That script was rewritten as the pilot for the "Rockford Files." Both ABC (who initially rejected the script for "Toma") and NBC had problems with the "Rockford" scripts. Executives at both networks thought the dramatic series scripts were too funny. The writers were always ordered to take out the funny lines. The writers and eventually the star refused.
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The address of Rockford's trailer was 29 Cove Road, Malibu, but the trailer was actually in a parking lot which was portrayed as either for a public beach or for a restaurant located on the opposite end of the parking lot. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, an actual restaurant which still (as of 2014) exists, was where Rockford often went for Mexican food. Additionally, in a few episodes, there were references to Paradise Cove, or Cove Road, as the part of Malibu where Rockford lived. The address of that actual restaurant is 28128 Pacific Coast Highway (the address of the actual entry signs for both the restaurant and the development, thereby being the approximate real address for the trailer, with the fictional address of 29 Cove Road not then existing. In the time since the series ended, a "luxury" mobile home park (with prices up to $4 million) has been developed, adjacent to the parking lot for the restaurant, and overlapping the spot where Rockford's trailer was located during the series. It is named Paradise Cove MH Park, and where there is now a Cove Road within the development. As a side note, on the restaurant's website, there is a picture of the beach (third picture in the slide show), with the distinctive promontory cliff, where Rockford often walked during the series, usually with a female guest character, or occasionally alone, when Rockford was being introspective.
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Even though Jim Rockford always drives a current model Firebird, many episodes feature stock footage shot with older models, especially in the 1975-77 seasons.
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Throughout the series, Rockford's trailer, parked in a parking lot, has electricity and running water, yet there is no evidence of a power line or plumbing attached to the unit.
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Throughout the series, the Los Angeles Police Department responds to calls at Rockford's trailer in Malibu although it is not part of their jurisdiction. The Los Angeles County Sheriff would be the proper agency.
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Beth Davenport: And Jim, try to be nice.
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Armand Teasdale: I am a good judge of people, and that is a fine young man, with a remarkable character.
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Marcus Hayes: You have a hair-trigger, Mr.Finch.
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