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60 min (123 episodes)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Lawrence Dobkin
Nominated for 4 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 22 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1974-09-13
Filming Locations: Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
Did you know?
Besides detectives Richie Brockleman (2 episodes, 1 was a two-parter) and Lance White (2 episodes), other significant recurring characters on the show were bail bondsman Solly Marshall (3 episodes plus 5 other episodes as different characters, all portrayed by Joe E. Tata); Becker's wife Peggy (6 episodes, portrayed by Pat Finley); reformed prostitute Rita Capkovic (3 episodes, portrayed by Rita Moreno); client turned girlfriend Dr. Megan Dougherty (2 episodes, 1 was a two-parter, portrayed by Kathryn Harrold); private investigator Vern St. Cloud (3 episodes, portrayed by Simon Oakland); mechanic turned bumbling private investigator Freddy Beamer (2 episodes, portrayed by James Whitmore Jr.); disbarred lawyer John "Coop" Cooper (4 episodes, portrayed by Bo Hopkins); Jim's ex-cellmate Gandolph "Gandy" Fitch (3 episodes, portrayed by Isaac Hayes); and parole officer turned private investigator Marcus Aurelius "Gabby" Hayes (2 episodes, portrayed by Louis Gossett Jr.). There was one other notable repeating character, Sara Butler, who made more than one appearance, but technically, the first appearance was not part of the series per se, since that first appearance was in the pilot, now often referred to as episode -0- (two parts in syndication) of the first season. Sara showed up again late in season one, and was portrayed by Lindsay Wagner each time.
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There were plans to spin the characters of Gandolph "Gandy" Fitch and Marcus Aurelius "Gabby" Hayes off onto their own series, to be titled "Gabby & Gandy," but that plan never came to fruition. What was supposed to be the backdoor pilot ended up being slightly re-edited and was broadcast as a regular episode in season three.
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Noah Beery Jr. (born August 1913), who portrayed Jim Rockford's father, Rocky, was just fourteen years, nine months older than James Garner (born April 1928).
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Throughout the series, Rockford's trailer, parked in a parking lot, has electricity and running water, yet there is no evidence of a power line or plumbing attached to the unit.
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Even though Jim Rockford always drives a current model Firebird, many episodes feature stock footage shot with older models, especially in the 1975-77 seasons.
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Throughout the series, the Los Angeles Police Department responds to calls at Rockford's trailer in Malibu although it is not part of their jurisdiction. The Los Angeles County Sheriff would be the proper agency.
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Jim Rockford: What's wrong?
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Jim Rockford: But I will need a diversion so I can get back to Bloomberg's room and try to talk to him.
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Jim Rockford: Freeze, turkey!
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