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The Rules of Attraction

110 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Roger Avary
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-10-11
Filming Locations: California, USA
Budget: $4,000,000
Opening Weekend: $2,532,410 (USA) (13 October 2002)
Gross: $6,532,619 (USA) (21 November 2002)
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
The Rules of Attraction
James Van Der Beek
Sean Bateman
Shannyn Sossamon
Lauren Hynde
Jessica Biel
Kip Pardue
Kate Bosworth
Ian Somerhalder
Paul Denton
Joel Michaely
Jay Baruchel
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Clare Kramer
Faye Dunaway
Mrs. Denton
Swoosie Kurtz
Mrs. Jared
Russell Sams
Colin Bain
Eric Stoltz
Mr. Lawson
Fred Savage
A Junkie Named Marc
Eric Szmanda
NYU Film Student
Kavan Reece
Handsome Dunce
Theresa Wayman
Food Service Girl
Paul Williams
Duty Doctor
Skyler Stone
Quincy Evans
Lucille M. Oliver
Young Nurse
Anderson Goncalves
Drew Wood
Jim from Dartmouth
Curtis Andersen
Guy Rolling Keg (as Curtis Anderson)
Chasen Hampton
Malcolm Galt
Hacky Sack Guy
Noelle Evans
Crack Whore
Michael Ralph
Cheyenne Wilbur
Maitre D'
Ron Jeremy
At the Player Piano (as Ron Jeremy Hyatt)
Holly Hollywood
Undressed to Get Screwed
Amber Smith
Undressed to Get Screwed
Undressed to Get Screwed
Trisha Uptown
Undressed to Get Screwed
Hayley Keenan
Ninni Fires
in London
Emily Kennedy
In London
Zanna Lyberg
in London
in London
Maya Albina Morella
in London
Shirell Orsler
in London
Kate Verity Wilson
in London
Angharad Wood
In London
Jasmyn Androna
in Amsterdam
J. Bahle
in Amsterdam
Jan Carlos Byl
in Amsterdam
Jeff Espanol
In Amsterdam
Emilie Milders
in Amsterdam
Julie Milders
in Amsterdam
Katja Schuurman
In Amsterdam (as K. Schurman)
Briony Shackell
In Amsterdam (as Bryony Shackell)
Mascha De Wajer
in Amsterdam
Jim Zalm
in Amsterdam
Eva Alter
in Paris
Kristina Kumlin
In Paris
Corina Marinescu
In Paris
Honor Fitzgerald
in Dublin
Melanie Hoar
in Dublin
Pappy Lloyd
in Dublin
Cha Cha Singh
in Dublin
Jennifer Maitland
in Barcelona
Charly Sessner
in Barcelona
Jennifer Shea
in Barcelona
Audrey Pawl
in Barcelona
Wayne Perry
in Cadaques
Angela Antonini
in Venice and Florence
Piero Antonini
in Venice and Florence
Sarah Schmidt
in Venice and Florence
Valentina Anastasio
in Rome
Francesca Cogodoa
in Rome
James Paci
in Rome
Charlie Babcock
Party Guy (uncredited)
Candice Bryant
Girl at Keg (uncredited)
Giovanni Capitello
College Student (uncredited)
C. Robert Cargill
Bus Station Townie (uncredited)
Cory Elgin
Student (uncredited)
Cris Gurtman
Waitress (uncredited)
Jesse Heiman
Lucky Party Goer (uncredited)
Tara Kleinpeter
Sorority Girl (uncredited)
Alexis Krause
Student (uncredited)
Matthew Lang
Getch (uncredited)
Paul Oakenfold
Himself (uncredited)
Stevo Polyi
Bong-Boy (uncredited)
Tommy Ritter
The Keg Guy (uncredited)
Adam Robitel
Dumb Guy From LA (uncredited)
Saskia Slaaf
Dutch Model (uncredited)
Aurora Snow
Masked Naked Girl at Party (uncredited)
Brian Villarante
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Rowland Wafford
Man with Bong on Rupert's Couch (uncredited)
Keren Woodward
Herself (uncredited)
Did you know?
Roger Avary was very displeased with the posters the marketing department devised; he felt they were only showing off the cast and said nothing of the film's content. He personally helped design the infamous "animal sex position" poster, which was rarely used. After the release, Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein created a poster featuring Shannyn Sossamon pulling the dead Food Service Girl from the tub. The poster was made without the consent of Lionsgate and it resulted in a lawsuit. The poster was never given an official release, but the image was used as the disc art for the soundtrack CD.
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While both Killing Zoe (1993) and The Rules of Attraction have special edition releases in France (courtesy of Metropolitan Home Video), they don't in Region 1. This is likely due to Roger Avary's personal feud with the head of Lionsgate home video, stemming from the Killing Zoe's bare-bones dvd release at Artisan Entertainment. After Lionsgate bought Artisan, the head of Artisan's home video department transfered over.
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The last footage shot for the film was Victor's European travel montage. Shot over the course of fifteen days, by a crew consisting of just Roger Avary, Kip Pardu, and producer Greg Shapiro, they ended up with over 70 hours of video tape. The excess footage was later edited into the movie Glitterati (2004) which, due to music rights issues, has yet to be released as of 2012.
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The label on the whiskey bottle that Sean is swigging from throughout the party changes from a generic label in close-ups to Jack Daniels in the long shots.
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When Lara does a hand stand while talking to Lauren, her shirt covers her stomach even though she rolled it up before she started.
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At the end of the world party when Sean puts the whiskey bottle on the end table it has the cap on, even though he had just been drinking from it.
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Mrs. Mimi Jared: I leave you alone for five minutes, and you're drinking.
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Paul: Three months later, the handsome dunce was having an affair with a friend of mine. Within a year he was a full-blown queen and telling people I couldn't get it up. Luck has nothing to do with anything.
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Lara: You really think I'm skinny? Wait - anorexic skinny or bulimic skinny?
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So what really happened at the End of the World Party?
Lauren was raped and thrown up on by some drunken frat guy while a NYU film student filmed the encounter. Paul attempted to have sex with a frat guy, but the guy wasn't ready to be so open with his sexuality and violently threw him out. Sean had sex with a woman and didn't feel right because he still had feeling for Lauren. Afterwards, Paul and Lauren have a heart-to-heart of sorts and Sean takes off on his motorcycle.It's also possible that the events seen at the beginning of the movie didn't actually happen at the end. Sean is seen turning around and walking out of the party at the end, whereas at the beginning he approaches a girl instead. Also, when Paul and Lauren are talking outside at the end, Lauren doesn't appear to have any vomit on her, and seems too calm for someone that has just been raped.It's up to the viewer to decide what really happened, and is probably intentionally ambiguous.
What is meant to be said before and after the opening and closing dialogues?
The opening dialogue ("...and it's a story that might bore you...") is directly from the novel, but the closing dialogue ("...but in the end, all I could think about was...") differs from the last line in the novel, ("...but still I turn to her, my eyes interested, a serious smle, nodding, my hand squeezing her knee, and she"). It is supposed to add to the feel of randomness and disembodiment that is prevalent in the movie, and even more so in the book.Sharp-eyed viewers have noticed that during the last scene and only a few seconds before the cut, there is a road sign indicating an upcoming intersection. Given the bad weather and Sean's intoxication, it's possible that Sean was in some kind of accident, with the blackout symbolizing his death or being knocked out. However, since the dialogue is the same in the book without indicating a crash, this scenario is unlikely.
What are the differences between the BBFC-18 DVD and the uncut version?
A cut was required to a scene in which a teenage girl slits her wrists, on the grounds that the technique used is not widely known and is potentially more likely to result in death than the more common method. A detailed comparison between both versions can be found here.
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Clifton Collins Jr.