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The Saint

116 min
Action | Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Phillip Noyce
1 win & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-04-04
Filming Locations: Foreign Affairs Ministry building, Moscow, Russia
Budget: $68,000,000
Opening Weekend: $16,278,873 (USA) (6 April 1997)
Gross: $61,355,436 (USA) (27 July 1997)
Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan
The Saint
Val Kilmer
Simon Templar
Elisabeth Shue
Dr. Emma Russell
Rade Serbedzija
Ivan Tretiak
Valeriy Nikolaev
Ilya Tretiak (as Valery Nikolaev)
Henry Goodman
Dr. Lev Botvin
Alun Armstrong
Inspector Teal
Michael Byrne
Vereshagin, Tretiak's Aide
Evgeniy Lazarev
President Karpov (as Evgeny Lazarev)
Irina Apeksimova
Frankie (as Irina Apeximova)
Lev Prygunov
General Sklarov (as Lev Prigunov)
Charlotte Cornwell
Inspector Rabineau
Emily Mortimer
Woman on Plane
Lucija Serbedzija
Russian Prostitute
Velibor Topic
Egor Pazenko
Adam Smith
Young Simon Templar
Pat Laffan
Catholic Priest
Verity-Jane Dearsley
Michael Marquez
Boy in Orphanage
Lorelei King
TV Reporter
Alla Kazanskaya
Old Russian Lady
Ronnie Letham
Old Russian Man
Tusse Silberg
Prostitute's Mother
Peter Guinness
Frankie's Curator
Stefan Gryff
President's Aide
Malcolm Tierney
Russian Doctor
Stephen Tiller
Russian Policeman
Christopher Rozycki
Russian Chief of Police
Etela Pardo
President Karpov's Wife
Nikolai Veselov
Red Square Tramp
David Schneider
Rat Club Comedian
Oxana Popkova
Ilya's Girlfriend
Agnieszka Liggett
Rat Clubparty Girl
Lidija Zovkic
Rat Club Beauty
Aleksandr Tyutin
Russian Colonel (as Alexander Tutin)
Vadim Stepashkin
Russian Soldier
Ravil Isyanov
Tretiak Guard
Aleksandr Kadanyov
Tretiak Security Guard (as Alexander Kadanyov)
Petar Vidovic
Tretiak's Builder
Susan Porrett
Orphanage Nun
Cliff Parisi
Pub Waiter
Richard Cubison
Customs Officer
Benjamin Whitrow
Chairman at Oxford
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Young Student
Kate Isitt
Student #2
Barbara Jefford
Academic Woman
Sean O'Kane
Running Student
Lucy Akhurst
Nigel Clauzel
Marine Guard
Eric Loren
Embassy Official
William Hope
State Department Official
Michael Cochrane
Cold Fusion Broker
Ginny Holder
Jamaican Video Girlfriend
Japanese Video Girlfriend
Melissa Knatchbull
English Video Girlfriend
Caroline Lee-Johnson
Private Hotel Receptionist (as Caroline Lee Johnson)
Roger Moore
Car Radio Announcer (voice)
Pentti Halonen
Russian State Treasurer (uncredited)
Yana Yanezic
Drug Addict (uncredited)
Did you know?
Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis and Arnold Schwarzenegger all turned down the role of Simon Templar.
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Hugh Grant was offered the lead.
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The name of the production buyer, John Lanzer, appears as the author of the book, "The Knights of Templar - Their Crowning Crusade", which Simon is reading in secret at the beginning of the movie during class at the orphanage.
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When Emma enters the cottage in the English countryside, she steps to the desk where her cards are laid out. On the desk is a 14" NEC CRT monitor, which is all black. Moments later when Simon appears the monitor is now gray with a black fascia.
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When Simon is breaking into the vault at the start of the film, he is shown attaching his safe cracking device to the safe and setting up his video receiver. Shortly after, he is shown watching the video feed, and, again attaching the device and setting up his receiver.
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In the middle of the airport lounge, Simon orders a cup of coffee, which is then delivered to him 2 seconds later by the same waitress.
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Emma Russell: When am I going to see you again?
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Simon: So you know the way to the embassy?
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Ilya Tretiak: Geedy westerner, wants more money.
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What is that unique knife/multi-tool that Simon Templar uses?
According to The Saint's fanclub website"The Saint's knife used in the Val Kilmer film was actually six purpose-built props; each of the prop knives performing a different function, all of which were attributed to the fictional knife. It is unlikely that any one knife will be able to perform all of the functions of The Saint's knife anytime soon."
What is the car that Simon Templar drives?
The car is a 1997 Volvo C70 Coupe.
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