The Savage Bees
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The Savage Bees

90 min
Horror | Thriller
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Bruce Geller
Won Primetime Emmy.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1976-11-22
Filming Locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Ben Johnson
Sheriff Donald McKew
Paul Hecht
Dr. Rufus Carter
Horst Buchholz
Dr. Jorge Meuller
Bruce French
Police Lieutenant
James Best
David L. Gray
Coast Guard Lieutenant
Richard Charles Boyle
Coast Guard Chief
Eliott Keener
Freighter Boatswain
Boardman O'Connor
Freighter Captain
Danny Barker
Taxicab Driver
Don Hood
Deputy Churn
Bill Holliday
Deputy Stilt
Carol Sutton
Mrs. Compher
Tiffany Gautier Chase
Julie Compher
Shirl Cieutat
Mrs. Bryant
Judy Langford
TV Interviewer
Lyla Hay Owen
Mrs. McKew
James Bowers
Morgue Technician
Sylvia Kuumba Williams
Morgue Receptionist (as Sylvia 'Kuumba' Williams)
Tom Smith-Alden
Young Priest (as Tom Smith Alden)
Christine Ellsworth
Pirate Girl
Kenneth Lorenzen
Wayne Mack
Councilman Ralston (as Wayne 'V' Mack)
Jack L. Morrison
Councilman Tyne
Norman Gary
Caziot (as Dr. Norman Gary)
Cary Wilmot Alden
Mrs. Caziot
Deonna Lang
Did you know?
'Norman E. Gary, an entomologist and production consultant, was the "bee wrangler" for the movie. All of the "Oh my God, the bees are killing him (or her)!" shots, where the bees swarm over the victim, are done by him. He also acted as one of the victims.
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Amazingly few bee-related injuries on the set, a testament to Gary's expertise.
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Literally hundreds of thousands of bees were used.
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When the killer bees cling to Jeannie's Volkswagen Beetle, they leave a hole for her to peek through when she drives to the Superdome. Very convenient! They used pheromones to attract the bees to the car (see the trivia section), so it's clear that they left a spot on the windshield free of pheromones (or applied another substance there that repels bees) so that the bees would not settle in that spot.
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Jeannie knows that the killer bees are attracted by red objects, but she keeps using her red car, even when she starts to search for the swarm with Dr. Mueller. Dr. Mueller's plan to fight the bees fails, and they attack the car. The filmmakers probably introduced this character error because the color of the car comes in handy for plan B, which involves taking the bees to the Superdome. Since they cling to her car, Jeannie can take them there by simply driving (slowly) to the Superdome.
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