The Scarlet Claw
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The Scarlet Claw

74 min
Crime | Mystery | Thriller
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Roy William Neill
Country: USA
Release Date: 1944-05-26
Filming Locations: Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Basil Rathbone
Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce
Doctor Watson
Gerald Hamer
Paul Cavanagh
Lord Penrose
Arthur Hohl
Emile Journet
Miles Mander
Judge Brisson
Kay Harding
Marie Journet
David Clyde
Police Sergeant Thompson
Ian Wolfe
Victoria Horne
Harry Allen
Bill Taylor
Frank Austin
Villager in Pub with Dr. Watson (uncredited)
Brandon Beach
Member of Royal Canadian Occult Society (uncredited)
Ted Billings
Villager in Pub (uncredited)
Horace B. Carpenter
Villager in Pub (uncredited)
Bill Cartledge
Hotel Bellhop (uncredited)
William Desmond
Member of Royal Canadian Occult Society (uncredited)
Al Ferguson
Attendant (uncredited)
Clyde Fillmore
Inspector (uncredited)
Charles Francis
Sir John (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten
Hotel Day Desk Clerk (uncredited)
George Kirby
Father Pierre (uncredited)
Charles Knight
Assistant Police Inspector (uncredited)
Eric Mayne
Member of Royal Canadian Occult Society (uncredited)
Norbert Muller
Page-boy (uncredited)
Pietro Sosso
Andy Trent (uncredited)
Jack Tornek
Villager In Pub (uncredited)
Tony Travers
Musician (uncredited)
Eric Wilton
Hotel Evening Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Did you know?
Listed in Journet's inn-register is Tom McKnight of New York. McKnight was an adviser on Universal's Holmes series.
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Basil Rathbone's last words, drowned out by the music, appear to be "God bless him" (in reference to Winston Churchill).
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The eighth of fourteen films based on Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional consulting detective Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Doctor Watson.
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After Holmes tells Watson that the quotation he recited was from Churchill, he utters another word or two, but all we hear is the music signaling the film's end.
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Inexplicably, despite the French-Canadian setting, only the Journet's have French accents or (with the possible exception of Judge Brisson) names.
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The name of the village, La Mort Rouge, is misspelled (La Morte rouge) on the map which is visible in one scene.
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Sherlock Holmes: Consider the tragic irony: we've accepted a commission from a victim to find her murderer. For the first time we've been retained by a corpse.
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Sherlock Holmes: Relations of friendly intimacy with the United States on the one hand and their unswerving fidelity to the British commonwealth and the motherland on the other. Canada, the link which joins together these great branches of the human family.
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Lord Penrose: [to Holmes] Several of our most responsible citizens have actually seen the strange apparition on the moors at night.
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Chicago Opening Happened When?
The Scarlet Claw (Universal)Opened in Chicago on Saturday, May 20, 1944 at the RKO Palace as the bottom-half of a double-bill which featured "Chip Off the Old Block", a film starring Donald OConnor. No review.[
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Gertrude Astor