The Secret of the Sword
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The Secret of the Sword

100 min
Animation | Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
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Ed Friedman
Country: USA
Release Date: 1985-03-22
Gross: $7,660,857 (USA)$7,886,848 (Worldwide)
Linda Gary
Linda Gary
The Secret of the Sword
John Erwin
Prince Adam
Melendy Britt
Princess Adora
Alan Oppenheimer
George DiCenzo
Erika Scheimer
Queen Angella
Lou Scheimer
King Randor
Did you know?
The first "He-Man" feature film released on the big screen. Cannon films released a live-action feature film "Masters of the Universe" in 1987 starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor. A new "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" movie has been in development hell since 2000.
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Like the He-Man television series before it, this film was based on a popular line of toys. She-Ra and her rebel friends were all released as part of the She-Ra line. Most of the Horde characters (Hordak, Leech, Mantenna, Grizlor) were all part of the Masters of the Universe line. Catra was the only Horde member who was released as part of the She-Ra line, as she was originally intended to be She-Ra's arch-enemy, before Hordak was eventually given that role.
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She-Ra was called "Xena of the 80s" by Die Hard fans of the cartoon.
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In the opening kidnapping sequence when Hordak is about to walk through the portal, it shows him carrying Adora with her sitting up. When he fires the ray gun at Man-At-Arms and The Sorceress, Man-at-Arms pushes the Sorceress out of the way. When the sequence is shown again, Hordak is now carrying a bundled up Adora and when he fires the ray gun which is now part of his right arm, the Sorceress and Man-at-Arms run off in opposite directions.
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Battle-Cat knocks Catra's mask off, causing her to return to humanoid form, and begins to chase her. However, when he is seen still chasing her a short time later, the mask is back on her head.
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It is not unusual for a parent to recognize there child they haven't since since they were a baby but Man at Arms could not of recognized Audora and he recognized her before the king and queen opened there eyes.
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He-Man: [He-Man has a finger on Adoras holster as she was going to pull out her gun] You don't need this.
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Horde Trooper: I don't like that song.
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King Randor: Well Adam, we- we've done as you've asked. Now where is this surprise of yours? Must we wait all day?
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Linda Gary