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92 min
IMDB rate:
Michael Winner
4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1977-05-12
Filming Locations: 10 Montague Terrace, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $3,700,000
Gross: ESP 15,106,054 (Spain) Admissions 114,101 (Spain)
Chris Sarandon
Michael Lerman
Cristina Raines
Alison Parker
Martin Balsam
Professor Ruzinsky
John Carradine
Father Halliran
José Ferrer
Robed Figure
Ava Gardner
Miss Logan
Arthur Kennedy
Monsignor Franchino
Burgess Meredith
Charles Chazen
Sylvia Miles
Gerde Engstrom
Deborah Raffin
Eli Wallach
Detective Gatz
Christopher Walken
Detective Rizzo
Jerry Orbach
Michael Dayton
Beverly D'Angelo
Hank Garrett
James Brenner
Robert Gerringer
Nana Visitor
Girl at end (as Nana Tucker)
William Hickey
Gary Allen
Malcolm Stinnett
Tresa Hughes
Rebecca Stinnett
Kate Harrington
Anna Clark
Jane Hoffman
Lilian Clotkin
Elaine Shore
Emma Clotkin
Sam Gray
Dr. Aureton
Reid Shelton
Fred Stuthman
Mr. Parker
Lucie Lancaster
Mary Parker
Anthony Holland
Party host
Jeff Goldblum
Zane Lasky
Mady Kaplan
Alice Marshak (student) (as Mady Heflin)
Diane Stilwell
Brenner's secretary (as Diane Stillwell)
Ron McLarty
Real estate agent
Esther Blackmon
Demon (uncredited)
Richard Dreyfuss
Man on sidewalk talking to girl in red sweater (uncredited)
Joe Hamer
Detective (uncredited)
Ronald Hunter
Assistant to Michael Dayton (uncredited)
Charles Kimbrough
Hospital doctor (uncredited)
Bob Melvin
Background scary person (uncredited)
Vicki Michelle
Girl on TV (uncredited)
Did you know?
The book on Milton's poems that Professor Ruzinsky hands to Lerman was edited by Maurice Kelley (1903-1996), an actual Milton authority.
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Kate Jackson was asked to play Alison Parker, but turned down the part.
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Michael Winner says in his memoirs he wanted Martin Sheen to play the male lead but the studio vetoed this saying he was a TV name.
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(at around 36 mins) While Allison and the landlady are having coffee, the coffee cup is in the landlady's hand, then when the camera changes angles it's on the table, then back in her hand when the camera angle goes back.
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(at around 9 mins) As the hearse passes, the camera crew and lighting equipment are reflected in the car's side.
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(at around 4 mins) In an opening scene in which Cristina Raines' character is filming a shampoo commercial, she and another model are seen whipping their hair around. The footage was reversed, so the actresses' hair is moving backwards.
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Miss Logan: I find that New Yorkers have no sense for anything but sex and money.
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Michael Lerman: It's all right. Listen, listen. I know everything now. The Latin you saw in that book was an ancient warning from the angel Gabriel to the angel Uriel.
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Michael Lerman: Look at this. William O'Rourke. Father Halliran? William O'Rourke, disappeared July 12, 1952 after attempted suicide.
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Were those really Human Oddities (Freaks) in the climax?
Yes. Michael Winner's casting assistants made scouting throughout several carnivals to find people of these characteristics willing to participate in the film.
Was Cristina Raines actually a fashion model?
Yes. Cristina Raines was a runway and photography model during the early '70s, before her acting career became her main occupation. Nowadays, she's semiretired, as she is married to Christopher Crowe and both have raised a family.
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Photos from cast
Tom Berenger