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The Sound of Music

174 min
Biography | Drama | Family | Musical | Romance
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Robert Wise
Won 5 Oscars. Another 13 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1965-03-29
Filming Locations: Bertelsmann, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
Budget: $8,200,000
Gross: $657,168 (USA) ( 1990)
Debbie Turner
Debbie Turner
The Sound of Music
Julie Andrews
Christopher Plummer
Captain Von Trapp
Eleanor Parker
The Baroness
Richard Haydn
Max Detweiler
Peggy Wood
Mother Abbess
Charmian Carr
Heather Menzies-Urich
Nicholas Hammond
Duane Chase
Angela Cartwright
Kym Karath
Anna Lee
Sister Margaretta
Portia Nelson
Sister Berthe
Ben Wright
Herr Zeller
Daniel Truhitte
Norma Varden
Frau Schmidt
Gilchrist Stuart
Marni Nixon
Sister Sophia
Evadne Baker
Sister Bernice
Doris Lloyd
Baroness Ebberfeld
Alan Callow
Nazi (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Party Guest (uncredited)
Ada Beth Lee
Sister Catherine (uncredited)
Leoda Richards
Party extra - next to Von Trap (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Party Guest (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
Party Guest (uncredited)
Doreen Tryden
Sister Agatha (uncredited)
Maria von Trapp
Extra during 'I Have Confidence' number (uncredited)
Did you know?
The von Trapp street address is '53'. When Maria first comes to the villa and is looking through the gate, the address sign is on the stone pillar to the left.
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Director Robert Wise considered Yul Brynner for the role of Captain Von Trapp.
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When Von Trapp and Maria return from the honeymoon, it is late afternoon. The daughter gives him a telegram, and he reads that he is to report to the Naval base at Bremerhaven the next day.He is in Salzburg, Austria and Bremerhaven, Germany is 954km (592.8 Miles) away. There is no way he could have driven from Salzburg to Bremerhaven, and been able to report for duty the next morning. If he took the commission, he would have been AWOL.
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During the "my favorite things" number, Briggitta is seen covering her head in fright a second BEFORE the lightning and thunder.
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At the party, Herr Zeller meets Captain Von Trapp and the Baroness and then moves on his way. After him are a lady and gentleman who greet the hosts. However, as Herr Zeller is walking away we see the lady and gentleman greet them again over his shoulder.
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After Maria's wedding there is a sequence of ringing bells. In the last shot of only one deep bell ringing, you can clearly hear the bell ring well ahead of the clapper actually striking the bell's rim on screen.
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Herr Zeller: Perhaps those who would warn you that the Anschluss is coming - and it is coming, Captain - perhaps they would get further with you by setting their words to music.
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Max: The Von Trapp Family Singers. Here are your names: Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Brigitta, Kurt, Marta and Gretl.
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Kurt: I wonder what grass tastes like.
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Gertrude Astor Debbie Turner