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The Sting II

102 min
Comedy | Crime
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Jeremy Kagan
Nominated for Oscar.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1983-02-18
Filming Locations: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $3,106,108 (USA) (21 February 1983)
Gross: $6,347,072 (USA) (6 March 1983)
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
The Sting II
Jackie Gleason
Fargo Gondorff
Mac Davis
Jake Hooker
Teri Garr
Karl Malden
Gus Macalinski
Bert Remsen
Kid Colors
Kathalina Veniero
Blonde with Kid Colors
José Pérez
Carlos (Lonnegan's Guard) (as Jose Perez)
Larry Bishop
Gellecher (Lonnegan's 2nd Guard)
Francis X. McCarthy
Lonnegan's Thug (as Frank McCarthy)
Richard C. Adams
Lonnegan's Thug
Ron Rifkin
Harry James
Band Leader
Frances Bergen
Lady Dorsett
Monica Lewis
Band Singer
Danie-Wade Dalton
Val Avery
Jill Jaress
Paul Willson
Man in Ticket Line
Sidney Clute
Ticket Clerk
Al Robertson
Hank Garrett
Cab Driver
Bob O'Connell
John Hancock
Doc Brown
Larry Hankin
Jerry Whitney
Page Boy
Michael Alldredge
Big Ohio (as Michael D. Aldredge)
Danny Dayton
Ring Announcer
Corey Michael Eubanks
Michael Raden
Fighter (as Mike Raden)
Tim Rossovich
Typhoon Taylor
Fred Dennis
Card Player
Old Second (as Sam Theard)
Marty Denkin
Rex Pierson
Bill Healy
Angela Robinson-Witherspoon
Doc Brown's Girl (as Angela Robinson)
Elaine Goren
Macalinski's Girls
Iva Rifkin
Macalinski's Girls
Lise Kristen Gerard
Macalinski's Girls
Lenetta Kidd
Macalinski's Girls
Joe Monte
Band Leader
Carl Gottlieb
Maitre D'
David Ankrum
Tony Giorgio
Rossovich (Macalinski's Man)
T. Max Graham
Tom (The Bartender)
Melodie Bovee
Girl in Club
Cynthia Cypert
Girl in Club
Lesa Weis
Girl in Club
Jacqui Evans
Girl in Club
Ron Stein
Grimes (Macalinski's 1st Guard)
Woodrow Parfrey
Georgie (as Woody Parfrey)
Cassandra Peterson
O'Malley's Girl
Max Wright
Floor Manager
Ed Ruffalo
Bobby Sutton
Steve Buckingham
Hillary Tyler
O'Malley's Girls
Terri Berland
O'Malley's Girls
Carolyn Carradine
O'Malley's Girls
Bob Minor
Tony Savitt
Benny Baker
Howard Dayton
Egon (Pyle's Aide)
Bill Caplan
Ring Announcer
Frank D. Barresi
Ronnie E. Datillo
Ramiro González
David Cadiente
Chico Torres (as Dave Cadente)
Mel Pape
Ringside Announcer
Guy Way
Macalinski's Goon
Adam Hollander
Delivery Boy
Lawrence Green
Station Master
Ira L. Westley
String bass player
Sean O'Kane
Marty Fritz the Boxer (uncredited)
William Prince
Tuxedo (uncredited)
Felix Silla
Ringside man taking bets (uncredited)
Did you know?
This movie performed poorly box at the box-office as well in its critical reception. It paled in comparison to the original 'Sting' film, notable for its music score and being nominated for 10 Academy Awards and winning 7 including Best Picture. Amazingly, this sequel actually garnered one Academy Award Nomination and that was in the Oscar category of Best Music, Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score for Lalo Schifrin.
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Oliver Reed plays the role off Lonnegan. Robert Shaw played the part of Doyle Lonnegan in The Sting (1973). Whether or not Shaw would have reprized his role is academic as he passed away in 1978. We never hear the first name of the character in this sequel.
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Director Jeremy Kagan once said of this movie: "'The Sting II' is inspired by and is an expansion of the first 'Sting' rather than a continuation. The principal characters of Fargo Gondorff and Jake Hooper are based on two real-life con-men and are totally different from the original . . . 'The Sting II' has more comedy and the nature of the con is more intriguing. Now the con men themselves are being conned."
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The Coney Island Roller Coaster train is made of fiberglass, not wood, as a 1940s coaster train would be. Fiberglass was introduced commercially in 1936, but it was used mostly as insulation. It wasn't used for applications like roller coasters until well into the 1950's.
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Both times that Hooker rides the Coney Island roller coaster, his cap stays neatly in place, on his head, for the entire ride. In reality, that type of coaster can reach speeds of 60-70mph. His cap should've blown off during the first drop.
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Oliver Reed
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