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96 min
IMDB rate:
David Wain
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-08-21
Filming Locations: Mexico
Budget: $5,250,000
Opening Weekend: $121,374 (USA) (5 August 2007)
Gross: $766,487 (USA) (30 September 2007)
Oliver Platt
Oliver Platt
The Ten
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
The Ten
Paul Rudd
Jeff Reigert
Adam Brody
Stephen Montgomery
Jon Hamm
Skydiving Guide Chris Knarl
Winona Ryder
Kelly La Fonda
Ken Marino
Dr. Glenn Richie
Todd Holoubek
Camera Man Stuart Blumberg
Mather Zickel
Louis La Fonda
Ali Marsh
'Entertainment Beat' Host George Reardon
Raisy Pereyra
Dorothy Sheen
Edmund Genest
Governor Beaumont Hutchins
Ron Silver
Fielding Barnes
Heidi Neurauter
Helen Campbell-Holland
Michael Paul
Harlan Swallow
Jason Antoon
Salazar 'Fred' McBairn
Andrea Rosen
Polly 'Carol' Samuels
Chris Wylde
Kevin Lipworth
Siri Baruc
Party Girl Natalie Freyberg
Reed Birney
Jim Stansel
Erica Oyama
Breem Benson
Famke Janssen
Gretchen Reigert
Gretchen Mol
Gloria Jennings
A.D. Miles
Oliver Jennings
Jason Sudeikis
Tony Contiella
Alfredo Gonzalez
Pedicab Driver
Paco Mauri
Alfonso Zavata
Victoria Pérez
Rosa Zavata
Fernando Baena
Mango Vendor Rodriguez Rodriguez
Justin Theroux
Jesus H. Christ
Tommy Nelson
Noah Jennings
Nina Hellman
Nurse Nancy Hellman
Beth Dover
Sheila Contiella
Liev Schreiber
Ray Johnson
Zak Orth
Matt Ballard
Defense Attorney Greg Splenda
Novella Nelson
Judge Sophia R. Jackson
Scott Sowers
Jury Foreman Barry Noodle
Michael Mulheren
Carvin 'Big Buster' Waggle
Kevin Allison
Stanley Jaffe
Kerri Kenney
Bernice Jaffe
Cedric Sanders
Greg Jaffe
Arlen Escarpeta
Todd Jaffe
David Wain
Abe Grossman
Thomas Lennon
Scotty Pale
Zandy Hartig
Sally Johnson
Joe Lo Truglio
Paul Mardino
Charlie McDermott
Jake Johnson
Zach Page
Loofie Lavinsky
Janeane Garofalo
Nuclear Powerplant Shift Supervisor Beth Soden
Rob Corddry
Duane Rosenblum
Antonio Zavala Kugler
Prison Guard Carlos Lopez 'Gonzalez' Banderas
Michael Ian Black
Prison Guard Jamberg Saivon
Rashida Jones
Hostess Rebecca Fornier
Michael Showalter
Police Lt. Flarn Bleern
Joe Passaro
Xylophone Player Clovis Handleman
Jerry Grayson
Junkie Floyd Congril Dillon
John Tormey
Junkie Jerry Park
Philip Levy
Junkie Tommy 'Thomas' McKee
H. Jon Benjamin
Lying Rhino
Jonathan Stern
Cartoon Voices
Peter Salett
Lying Rhino Body
Bobby Cannavale
Marty McBride
Robert Ben Garant
Andrew Dawson
Principal DiBiaso
John Patrick Barry
Naked Guy
Fred Basco
Naked Guy
Naked Guy
Jack Fisher
Naked Guy
Seth Herzog
Naked Guy
Andy Kaufman
Naked Guy
Paul Richard Kessler
Naked Guy
Morris S. Levy
Naked Guy
Tom McHugh
Naked Guy
Phil Michas
Naked Guy
Peter Moore
Naked Guy
David Ressel
Naked Guy
Noam Rosen
Naked Guy
Eric Tepper
Naked Guy
Craig Wedren
Naked Guy
Naked Guy on Bench
Adam Bertocci
Cheering Maroon-Shirted Student (uncredited)
Jonathan Davis
Mexico Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
David Diaan
Landlord (uncredited)
Monique Dupree
Student (uncredited)
Alexis Iacono
The Nerd (uncredited)
Devin Robbins
Fireworks Boy in Parking Lot (uncredited)
Rich Rothbell
Dr. Driscoll
Joey Sontz
Jim the Scriptwriter
Bailey Varness
High School Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
There is a reporter in the "no other gods before me" story named Jim Stensel. This is the same name that Janeane Garofalo gives to David Hyde Pierce when she is unable to think of her favorite astrophysicist in Wet Hot American Summer (2001), another project by former members of The State (1993).
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Paul Rudd's debut as a producer.
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Along with being the voice during the animation sequence, H. Jon Benjamin was supposed to be the Lying Rhino body. Benjamin did not show up to the set that day so the part was recast to Peter Salett.
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Jeff Reigert: Gretchen... Hey, I was in the neighborhood. I thought I'd come by and take a shit.
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Fielding Barnes: The majority of jobs are for actors who can get up off the floor without dying.
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Jeff Reigert: Anyway, let's get back to our ten stories. Here we go with number two. The duck. The deuce... Number two. Poop.
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is Amanda Peet in this movie?
No she was attached early on but dropped out.
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Photos from cast
Oliver Platt Jessica Alba