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The Thomas Crown Affair

113 min
Crime | Romance | Thriller
IMDB rate:
John McTiernan
3 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1999-08-06
Filming Locations: Reid Hall, Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York, USA
Budget: $48,000,000
Opening Weekend: $14,600,719 (USA) (8 August 1999)
Gross: $69,304,264 (USA) (13 February 2000)
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
The Thomas Crown Affair
Mischa Hausserman
Mischa Hausserman
The Thomas Crown Affair
Pierce Brosnan
Thomas Crown
Denis Leary
Michael McCann
Ben Gazzara
Andrew Wallace
Frankie Faison
Detective Paretti
Fritz Weaver
John Reynolds
Charles Keating
Friedrich Golchan
Mark Margolis
Heinrich Knutzhorn
Faye Dunaway
The Psychiatrist
Michael Lombard
Bobby McKinley
Bill Ambrozy
Michael Bahr
Robert D. Novak
Joe H. Lamb
James Saito
Paul Cheng
Esther Cañadas
Anna Knudsen
Daniel Oreskes
Dominic Chianese Jr.
Ritchie Coster
Gregg Bello
John P. McCann
Senior Detective
Gino Lucci
Freight Truck Driver
George Christy
Senior Museum Guard
Mike Danner
Forklift Operator
James J. Archer
J.J. the Security Guard
John Elsen
New York City Cop
Robert Spillane
Crown Acquisitions Security Officer
Daniel Jamal Gibson
Cynthia Darlow
Daria, Crown's Secretary
Sherry Koftan
Crown Acquistions Employee
Jane DeNoble
Crown Acquisitions Employee
Gene Bozzi
Crown Acquisitions Employee
Ryan Hecht
Crown Acquisitions Employee
Paul Simon
Crown Acquisitions Employee
Tom Tammi
Mark Zeisler
Mark Zimmerman
Daniel Southern
Crown Acquisitions Executive (as Dan Southern)
James Yaegashi
Crown Acquisitions Executive
Ira Wheeler
Old Man
David Adkins
John McKay
Company Lawyer (as John A. MacKay)
Melissa Maxwell
Colleen Hamm
Timothy Wheeler
Museum Security Technician
John Thrall Bush
Museum Security Guard
Dominic Marcus
Museum Security Guard
Robert Lewis Stephenson
Museum Security Guard (as Robert Stephenson)
David Toney
Museum Security Guard
Phillip Douglas
Museum Security Guard
Jeffrey Dreisbach
Junior Proctor
R.J. Remo
Smoking Kid
Caleb Archer
Smoking Kid
Dennis Creaghan
Museum Director Jim Lenox
Randy Phillips
National Art Club Guest
Gloria Barnes
National Art Club Guest
Mimi Weddell
National Art Club Guest
Pat Friedlander
National Art Club Guest
Gary L. Catus
National Art Club Guest
Jeremy Nagel
Tommy, Crown's Caddy
John C. Havens
Museum Operating Technician
Annie Rose Murray
Woman Spectator
Bill Tatum
Gentleman Yachtsman
Teddy Coluca
Detective in Restaurant
Michael Charles
Detective in Restaurant
Orlando Carafa
Cipriani Waiter
Ben Epps
Male Associate
Kim D. Cannon
Cleaning Man
Douglas Kahelemauna Nam
Cleaning Man
Richard Russell Ramos
Dr. Cornelius
John Seidman
Forensics Expert George French
Robert Ian Mackenzie
Yusef Bulos
Second Jeweler
Ray Virta
Museum Detective
Thomas Michael Sullivan
Museum Special Police
J. Paul Boehmer
Museum Detective
Tony Cucci
Watching Cop
Paul Geoffrey
Another Cop
R.E. Rodgers
Uniform Cop
Tom Bloom
Crown Imposter
Kim Craven
Ticket Agent
Marion McCorry
Sean Haberle
Ramp Manager
Mikel Sarah Lambert
Wealthy Woman
Angelo Fraboni
Featured Dancer
Melanie LaPatin
Featured Dancer
Jodi Ellen Melnick
Featured Dancer (as Jodi Melnick)
Tony Meredith
Featured Dancer
Michael Terrace
Featured Dancer
Courtney Bennett
Bit Part (uncredited)
Diana Berry
Museum Patron (uncredited)
Steve Bilich
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Kimberly Evan
Model (uncredited)
Charles Gemmill
Simon Jones
The Accountant (uncredited)
Timothy Klein
Officer Klein (uncredited)
Mark A. Langston
Thief (uncredited)
Andy Redmond
Precinct Detective (uncredited)
Victoria Rong
Model #2 (uncredited)
Eliot Sash
Dancer (Black & White Ball) (uncredited)
Did you know?
The idea of unusual heat in the museum rendering thermal cameras useless came from director John McTiernan's earlier movie Predator (1987). In that movie, McTiernan's actual thermal cameras began to fail when the jungle temperature broke 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
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The suit designer who appears in Thomas Crown's office is Gino Campagna, who has been featured on CNN's Richard Quest's segment. He also the designer responsible for the look of the clothes in the film
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Crown's watch is a Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso, but the logo doesn't appear because Pierce Brosnan has an exclusive deal with Omega watches.
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Catherine Banning, whilst picking holes in the investigating detectives theory, says that "the thieves prepared a load, conservatively, 1,000 lbs of paintings and 800lbs of men that we know about in a chopper with a 600lbs useful load", suggesting that this could never happen.The chopper is then correctly described as a Sikorsky S-76. However, there are four men on the job in total (800lbs), plus the load which is stated to weigh the equivalent of five men (1,000lbs). Add the helicopter pilot and you have the equivalent weight therefore of 10 men. Yet the S76 is a 12 man helicopter so should easily cope with this much weight. Catherine's figure refers to the baggage compartment capacity. They'd simply put the pictures inside the aircraft with the passengers.
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On the golf course, Crown bets on his ability to throw the ball by half-burying it into the sand. Yet on he next shot the ball is not buried, but just lying on the ground.
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When Crown walks in front of the delivery truck, the shot from the cab clearly shows that a car is stopped 9 feet in front of the truck. So, why was the delivery truck traveling so fast to begin with? Then, in the long shot after the driver moves on, he accelerates at a high rate, as if there was no car stopped in front of him. If there is a traffic-jam, the car would not have traveled far at all during that time.
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Detective Michael McCann: Are you okay?
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Detective Michael McCann: [about Thomas Crown] Do you realize what kind of flesh-eating lawyers this guy is going to have?
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Catherine Banning: I would let you in, but...
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What are the names of the paintings used in the movie?
Where did they go on their island vacation?
Thomas' private jet flies him and Catherine off to a beautiful island where they spend 'two days and two nights'. The island is not identified in the movie, other than NOT being Manhattan. It was Martinique, a French island located in the east Caribbean. Martinique can be seen (off to the right) on this map. A press release detailing how Martinique was chosen for The Thomas Crown Affair can be read here.
What is 'The thomas Crown Affair' about?
Billionaire Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) is bored and in search of a challenge, so he decides to steal a painting by Claude Monet, worth $100 million dollars, from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Insurance investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) is certain that the thief is Thomas Crown and intends to catch him. Things get complicated when Catherine and Thomas fall in love.
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Photos from cast
Rene Russo Mischa Hausserman