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30 min (36 episodes)
Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
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2 wins & 10 nominations
Country: USA
Townsend Coleman
The Tick
Rob Paulsen
Cam Clarke
Die Fledermaus
Jess Harnell
Sewer Urchin
Kay Lenz
American Maid
Pat Fraley
Mayor Blank / ... (17 episodes, 1994-1996)
Roger Rose
Brian Pinhead / ... (16 episodes, 1994-1996)
Did you know?
A fourth season was planned before Fox canceled the series. Some of the fourth season's developments would involve Arthur and Tick moving in with Carmelita, the Terror would find the Fountain of Youth, and that Barry (from The Tick: The Tick vs. The Tick (1994)) was revealed to be Carmelita's brother, who was originally destined to wear Arthur's moth suit.
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American Maid, Arthur, and The Tick stop Chairfae Chippendale from writing his name across the moon. In the rest of the episodes the moon says, CHA on it.
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Four members of the Firesign Theatre provide "additional voices" in various episodes; Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Phil Proctor.
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Tick: You know, Arthur, it's really been quite a day. On the outside, oh, sure, we were pursued by Swiss Industrial Spies, trapped in the belly of a whale. But what really pursued us? Where were we really trapped? C'mon, Arthur. Get meta with me. What pursued us were our own obsessions. I'm good, you're evil. I'm a superhero, you're a sidekick. I'm a woman, you're a man. What does it all mean? Nothing. And where were we all trapped? I'll tell you where, Arthur. In the belly of Love - Love, Chum, Love.
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Tick: Honk if you love justice!
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Tick: And so, may Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables.
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