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The Tomorrow People

43 min
Action | Drama | Sci-Fi
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2 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Filming Locations: JC Studios, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Serinda Swan
Serinda Swan
The Tomorrow People
Nick Eversman
Nick Eversman
The Tomorrow People
Robbie Amell
Stephen Jameson
Peyton List
Cara Coburn
Luke Mitchell
John Young
Aaron Yoo
Russell Kwon
Madeleine Mantock
Astrid Finch
Mark Pellegrino
Dr. Jedikiah Price
Jeffrey Pierce
Roger Price
Jacob Kogan
Luca Jameson
Sarah Clarke
Marla Jameson
Simon Merrells
Leader of Ultra
Did you know?
In the pilot episode Stephens father said he had hoped Stephen had taken after his mom and been human but in season 1 episode 13 Things Fall Apart we find out that she has powers like Stephen and his dad.
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The television show was cancelled after it's first season
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This is the second time Robbie Amell and Alexa Vega have played each other's love interest, the first being TV Movie The Hunters (2013)
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Stephen Jameson: [V.O] My name is Stephen Jameson. I am one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution. They call our powers the three Ts: telepathy...
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Are there any differences between the US version and the original?
Yes, although there are still many similarities and the general concept of the series remains the same. The original series began with the Tomorrow People comprising John, Carol, Kenny, and their new recruit Stephen. John is the eldest member of the team and he was the one responsible for building TIM, a biotronic, sentient computer which aids the team and can augment their powers. In the original version, the team still represent the next phase of human evolution and are called homo-superior, in contrast to the rest of the human race who are homo-sapiens. Their powers included teleportation (called "jaunting"), telekinesis, and telepathy. "Jaunting" over long distances was done with the aid of a belt (later a bracelet). The team's goal was to assist other Tomorrow People as they "break-out" (i.e. when their special powers become active, usually in adolescence), and they operated from an underground base called The Lab which was situated in an abandoned part of London's Underground Rail Network. As well as Earth-bound adventures, the series featured several stories set in space and on alien worlds (the team were affiliated with a Galactic Federation which was analogous to the United Nations). New Tomorrow People joined the team on a regular basis, though there was never more than four or five team members at any one time.In the US remake, the main characters still include John and Stephen, though Carol is now called Cara and Russell appears to be the closest analog to Kenny. Again, Stephen is a new recruit who joins the team to assist others as they "break out", though we learn Stephen's father was also a Tomorrow Person which is not something the original series did. The team still operate from an underground subway base, though it is not referred to as "The Lab" as in the original, and there are far more Tomorrow People who inhabit the base. TIM is also present in the new series, and was again built by John, though looks different to the original version. Again, the Tomorrow People have psionic powers, though teleportation is not referred to as jaunting in this version and does not require a belt. Newer powers are also seen, such as Stephen's ability to stop time. So far in this version, all of the Tomorrow People's activities have been set on Earth and there is no indication of a Galactic Federation or even extra-terrestrial life.In both versions, the Tomorrow People have an adversary called Jedikiah. In the original version, Jedikiah was a shape-shifting alien robot who later took on human form. In the US remake, he is the uncle of Stephen and is a high-ranking official in an organisation called Ultra which aims to hunt down all of the Tomorrow People as they are perceived as a threat to homo-sapiens.
Is The Tomorrow People a remake?
Yes, it is a remake of the British sci-fi series The Tomorrow People which was created by Roger Price and ran from 1973-79. The US series is actually the second remake, as Price himself oversaw a British remake (also titled The Tomorrow People) which ran from 1992-95.
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