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400 min (DVD version)
Documentary | Biography | History
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Country: UK
Filming Locations: The Tower of London, London, England, UK
Sean Pertwee
Narrator (8 episodes, 2004)
Anna Keay
Herself - Tower Assistant Curator / ... (8 episodes, 2004)
Geoffrey Parnell
Himself - Keeper of the Tower History / ... (7 episodes, 2004)
Jeremy Ashbee
Himself - Tower Assistant Curator (5 episodes, 2004)
Tom Sharp
Himself - Chief Yeoman Warder (3 episodes, 2004)
Geoffrey Field
Himself - Governor of the Tower / ... (3 episodes, 2004)
John Cahan
Himself - Yeoman Jailer (2 episodes, 2004)
Alan Fiddes
Himself - Yeoman Archivist / ... (2 episodes, 2004)
Did you know?
In order to service the Tower's community of residents, the Tower has it's own pub, doctor's office, parish church, and postman. Even with this small village of residents, the Tower is still a fortress with the gates being locked every night at midnight, and no one who lives on site can come or go after the gates are locked for the night.
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Henry VIII had several nicknames, including "Old Copper Nose," which he earned by ordering the royal mint at The Tower to mix increasing amounts of copper in with the silver for coinage. The silver was softer, and it tended to wear away faster on the high points of the relief (the raised design) on the coins, with the highest point (and fastest to wear) being the king's nose. So, when the silver wore away on the king's nose, exposing the copper underneath, Henry VIII visibly had a copper nose, hence the nickname, which was not meant in a complimentary way.
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The Tower of London has been open to tourists for literally hundreds of years. Up to 46,000 people visit the Tower of London each week, or about 2.3 million per year.
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