The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story
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The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story

Canada:86 min (Ontario)
Documentary | Drama
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Leslie Woodhead
Country: UK
Release Date: 1990-12-09
Filming Locations: Malta
Ned Beatty
Edward C. Acker
Peter Boyle
Fred Ford
Harry Ditson
Martin Shugrue
Vincent Gardenia
Harry Pizer
Timothy West
Col. Wilfred Wood
Michael Wincott
Ulrich Weber
Richard Howard
Berndt Meyer
Michael Cronin
Martin Hübner
Stephen Hoye
Tommy Dome
Emma Martin
Beate Franzki
Peter Darling
Profile Screener 1
Sandra Butterworth
Profile Screener 2
Rivca Rubin
Alert Employee
Martyn Read
X Ray Scanner
Jamie Glover
New Scanner
Sasson Gabai
Marwan Khreesat
Aharon Ipalé
Hafez Dalkomoni
Tony Alleff
Abdel Fatteh Ghadanfar
Avi Nassa
Palestinian Activist
Christopher Simon
Young Palestinian
Tariq Alibai
Abu Talb
Cherif Ezzeldin
John Shrapnel
BKA Police Chief
Nick Maloney
BKA Officer
Stafford Gordon
Public Prosecutor
Richard Durden
BKA Interrogator
Richard Bebb
Justice Offical
David Becalick
Passport Officer
Eric Loren
US Embassy Offical
Jassem Arif
Helsinki Caller
Colin Stinton
Raymond Smith
Garrick Hagon
Mark Sanna
Deidra Lovell
Consular Official
Mozaffar Shafeie
Ali Akbar Mohteshemi
William Roberts
Capt. Jim McQuarrie
Andrew Robertson
ATC Alan Topp
Bill McCabe
Watch Controller Ford
Moshe Ivgy
Yossi Langotsky
Nigel Cooke
Baggage Porter
Paul Birchard
Pan Am Security Employee
Mac McDonald
Port Authority Policeman
Diana Hunter
Public Relations Woman
Richard D. Sharp
TV Anchorman
Al Fiorentini
Maltese Shopkeeper
Paula Raflo
Kennel Manageress
Robin Ellis
Jonathan Bridge
German Plainclothes Policeman
Christopher Hackley
German Plainclothes Policeman
Alan Meadows
German Plainclothes Policeman
The Air Malta baggage tag on the brown suitcase flying from Malta to Frankfurt says "Flight KM182", but the narrator later says this same suitcase starts its journey on flight KM180.
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Pan Am Flight 103 taking-off from Heathrow shows a Boeing 747SP, recognizable by its very short fuselage, when all the other scenes accurately show a Boeing 747-100.
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The landing scene at Heathrow, supposedly taking place on a Boeing 727, was filmed from the flight deck of a Boeing 747, recognizable due to the extreme height of the runway lights from the ground. Also, one of the pilots even activates the thrust reversers and says "Four lights on" when the Boeing 727 only has three engines.
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Col. Wood: Now, what are the aims of the terrorist? Any ideas?
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Ulrich Weber: Koch, you typed up that agenda for tomorrow's meeting?
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Yossi Langotsky: Am I speaking to the chairman of Pan Am?
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