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The Unborn

88 min | 89 min (unrated version)
Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
David S. Goyer
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-01-09
Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Budget: $16,000,000
Opening Weekend: $19,810,585 (USA) (11 January 2009)
Gross: $42,638,165 (USA) (1 March 2009)
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander
The Unborn
Cam Gigandet
Cam Gigandet
The Unborn
Ethan Cutkosky
Ethan Cutkosky
The Unborn
Odette Annable
Casey Beldon
Gary Oldman
Rabbi Sendak
Meagan Good
Idris Elba
Arthur Wyndham
Atticus Shaffer
Matty Newton
James Remar
Gordon Beldon
C.S. Lee
Dr. Lester Caldwell
Rhys Coiro
Mr. Shields
Michael Sassone
Eli Walker
Craig J. Harris
Rick Hesse (as Craig Harris)
Rachel Brosnahan
Kymberly Mellen
Gail Newton
Brian Boland
Roger Newton
Mindy Bell
Roslyn Alexander
Maury Cooper
Mandy Schneider
Guy Van Swearingen
Library Guard
Ericka Ratcliff
Charge Nurse
Savannah Walker
Seven Year Old Casey
Domenica Fisher
Gordon's Secretary (as Dominica Fisher)
Marssie Mencotti
Mrs. Byrne (as Marcella Marssie Mencotti)
Sarah Wellington
Ob / Gyn Doctor
Alexis Wade
Nine Year Old Sofi
Tom Lowell
Library Patron
Kenya Drew
Scott Lindvall
Braden Moran
Joseph Mengele
Aiden David
Newton Baby
Connor David
Newton Baby
Lili Haydn
John Bryant
Richard Mosely
Ronnie Sellers
Musician (as Ronni Sellers)
Tommy Bartlett
Crime Scene Investigator (uncredited)
Joey Bicicchi
College Classmate (uncredited)
Suzy Brack
Eye Clinic Receptionist (uncredited)
Joseph Luis Caballero
Chicago Cop (uncredited)
Psychotic Vagrant (uncredited)
Evyenia Constantine
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Alan Deutsch
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Joe DeVito
Neighbor (uncredited)
Shannon Edwards
Synagogue Employee (uncredited)
Niko El Santo Zavero
Synagogue Employee (uncredited)
Robert Erck
Forensic Assistant (uncredited)
Jamie Louachai
Neighbor (uncredited)
J.R. Martino
Extra (uncredited)
Larry Nazimek
Auschwitz Doctor (uncredited)
James Pusztay
AAA Group Member (uncredited)
Erik A. Williams
Club Dancer (uncredited)
T'Neil Wise
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The doctor that Sofia is talking about as she recounts her time in Auschwitz is the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. He was notorious for selecting those that came off the cattle carts for those who lived or were sent to the gas chambers. He was particularly interested in experimenting with people, whether it be freezing people in sub-zero water or changing the color of the iris of eyes. He also had a deep interest in twins and would do organ switching, blood transfusions or sewing twins together.
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When Rabbi Sendak opens the Hebrew book in his office, he thumbs through it in the wrong direction. Hebrew is written in the opposite direction to English; a real rabbi would have opened the book and read it from right to left.
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Rabbi Sendak's name is a reference to Maurice Sendak, writer of children's horror classic "Where the Wild Things Are".
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In one of the scenes where Casey is hearing noises coming from the mirror in her bathroom the camera shot is shooting right through the open bathroom door into the mirror, yet the mirror shows the reflection of a closed bathroom door.
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The librarian who shows Casey the copy of the antique "Book of Mirrors" simply requests that she "Please exercise care when handling the manuscript." In fact such manuscripts are never allowed to be handled without cotton gloves - though Casey is subsequently shown to be turning pages with her bare hands.
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At the ending scene, when Casey runs on the bridge, the surface of the road seems to be dry, but in the next scene, it is wet.
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Romy: Fuck off you little shit.
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Mark: [as he's dying] Am I going to keep falling forever?
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Casey Beldon: It's not safe to be around me.
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
If the demon can only possess Casey, how did it possess the little boy Matty?
The demon can possess anyone, but it targets Casey. As seen throughout the film, numerous people are possessed at different times. It uses whomever it makes contact with as a "vessel", but it wants to be BORN through Casey. It seems that it can force its way to our world through mirrors, which is how it manages to possess people. In order to become a physical being, however, it needs to possess an unborn baby and be birthed naturally.
Is "The Unborn" based on a book?
No. The Unborn was filmed from an original screenplay by American screenwriter David S. Goyer. Goyer also directed the movie.
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Jane Alexander Carla Gugino Cam Gigandet Ethan Cutkosky