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The Vampire

75 min
Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Paul Landres
Country: USA
John Beal
Dr. Paul Beecher
Coleen Gray
Carol Butler
Kenneth Tobey
Sheriff Buck Donnelly
Dabbs Greer
Dr. Will Beaumont
Herb Vigran
George Ryan, Police Sergeant
Paul Brinegar
Willy Warner
Ann Staunton
Marion Wilkins
James Griffith
Henry Winston
Chet Brandenburg
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Arthur Gardner
Anesthetist (uncredited)
Raymond Greenleaf
Autopsy Surgeon (uncredited)
Hallene Hill
Mrs. Carrie Dietz (uncredited)
Mauritz Hugo
Joe, the Waiter (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers
Bartender (uncredited)
Louise Lewis
Mrs. Miller (uncredited)
Natalie Masters
Ruth (uncredited)
Walter Merrill
Carl James (uncredited)
Brad Morrow
Tommy (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal
Marion's Housekeeper (uncredited)
Christine Rees
Jennie (uncredited)
Wood Romoff
Dr. Matthew J. Campbell (uncredited)
George Selk
Mr. Spine (uncredited)
When the boy enters the doctor's house in the first scene, the doorknob changes. The exterior clearly doesn't match the interior.
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Dr. Paul Beecher: Oh, Will, you told me yourself these pills were from vampire bats.
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Carol Butler: Paul, why do you want to take your own life?
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Willy Warner: Buck, you can't go around diggin' up people's graves. To get a court order you got to have some good reason.
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Is 'The Vampire' based on a book?
No. The Vampire was filmed from a screenplay written by American screenwriter Pat Fielder.
What is 'The Vampire' about?
When kindly, small town Dr Paul Beecher (John Beal) mistakenly ingests an experimental drug made from the blood of vampire bats thinking that it is his prescribed medication for migraines, he begins to transform into a vampire, and people around him begin dying of 'capillary disintegration.'
How does the movie end?
Paul suspects himself. He asks nurse Carol Butler (Coleen Gray) to keep him company one night but gets called away to surgery. At 11pm, he transforms. He follows Carol home but she gets away, so he kills old Mrs Carrie Deeds (Hallene Hill) instead. The next night he stays with Dr Beaumont (Dabbs Greer) but, when Beaumont takes away the pills, Beecher goes crazy, kills him, and stuffs his body in a furnace. The next morning, Paul decides to kill himself. Carol shows up early for work and tries to stop him. When they fight, Paul transforms. He pursues Carol into the woods. Sheriff Buck Donally (Kenneth Tobey) hears Carol's screams and follows them. Paul is shot three times by the police sergeant as he struggles with Donally. In the final scene, as Paul dies, his grotesque visage returns to normal.
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