The Venetian Affair
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The Venetian Affair

89 min | 89 min (Turner library print)
Action | Thriller
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Jerry Thorpe
Country: USA
Release Date: 1967-03-02
Filming Locations: Venice, Veneto, Italy
Robert Vaughn
Bill Fenner
Elke Sommer
Sandra Fane
Karlheinz Böhm
Robert Wahl (as Karl Boehm)
Boris Karloff
Dr. Pierre Vaugiroud
Roger C. Carmel
Mike Ballard
Edward Asner
Frank Rosenfeld
Joe De Santis
Jan Aarvan
Fabrizio Mioni
Wesley Lau
Neill Carlson
Bill Weiss
Argentina Brunetti
The Nun
Sigrid Valdis
Did you know?
First theatrical feature film directed by Jerry Thorpe. Thorpe mostly worked in television except for this film and Day of the Evil Gun (1968) made and released a year later.
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Actor Robert Vaughn was cast in the lead role in this picture by MGM in order to capitalize on his popular Napoleon Solo spy TV character from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964). This movie is actor Robert Vaughn's only other 60s spy film outside of playing 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E's Napoleon Solo in movies and TV series.
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This movie was made and released about four years after its source novel of the same name by author 'Helen Macinnes' was first published in 1963. This is the third of four screen adaptations of one of Macinnes' novels. The others are The Salzburg Connection (1972), Above Suspicion (1943) and Assignment in Brittany (1943).
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Bill Fenner: Hey, what's your hurry?
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Frank Rosenfeld: I'm sorry about her. It's a stinkin' business. The job had to get done.
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Bill Fenner: Wait -- what's your hurry?
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Felicia Farr Luciana Paluzzi
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