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The Wild Wild West

50 min (104 episodes)
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Won Primetime Emmy. Another 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1965-09-17
Filming Locations: Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
Robert Conrad
James T. West
Ross Martin
Artemus Gordon
Whitey Hughes
Henchman / ... (47 episodes, 1966-1969)
Dick Cangey
Henchman / ... (46 episodes, 1966-1969)
Did you know?
Jim West was a captain in the army before he joined the Secret Service.
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Jim West's birthday is July 2, 1842. He was named after his father's brother.
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The name of Jim and Artemus's rail car was The Wanderer 1.
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The car has numerous hidden compartments which slide out of the wall or down from the ceiling. In actuality these compartments are much too large to fit inside the walls of the car and would extend out past the sides and roof.
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Throughout the series various characters mispronounce "cavalry" as "calvary", confusing a pair of near-homonyms with Latin origins. Cavalry means soldiers on horseback. Calvary means an object shaped like a skull. The most (in)famous "place of the skull" (Calvariae Locus in Latin) was a Jerusalem landmark where Jesus Christ and various convicts were crucified during Roman Empire times.
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The United States Secret Service is frequently employed as bodyguards for President Grant. But this was not the case in the 19th century, when the Service was a Treasury operation used to catch counterfeiters. The duty of being presidential bodyguards was assigned to the Secret Service in 1901 after President William McKinley's murder. McKinley's immediate successor Theodore Roosevelt was the first chief executive to benefit from this change.
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