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The Winning Season

Germany:119 min (European Film Market) | USA:104 min
Comedy | Sport
IMDB rate:
James C. Strouse
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Hicksville, Long Island, New York, USA
Sam Rockwell
Emma Roberts
Rob Corddry
Emily Rios
Rooney Mara
Jessica Hecht
Connor Paolo
Meaghan Witri
Melanie Hinkle
Shana Dowdeswell
Vanessa Gordillo
Shareeka Epps
Margo Martindale
Melissa Graver
New Rome Forward
Caitlin Colford
Clarke Thorell
Prairie Hill Coach
Rod Brogan
Kevin Breznahan
Brian Berrebbi
Rhonda Keyser
Uno's Waitress
Sara Chase
Outback Waitress
William Wiggins
Brooke Sidkoff
Colby Minifie
Teen Girl
Colleen Broomall
New Rome Center
Jennifer Regan
Concerned Mother
Devin Ratray
Security Officer
Ed Jewett
Marceline Hugot
Dr. Parsons
E.J. Carroll
Male Announcer
Seth Herzog
Lynn Mancinelli
Cheerleader / Dancer #1
Pauline Sherrow
Cheerleader / Dancer #2
Angelina Aucello
Cheerleader Dancer #3
Robert Keir
Arcade Boy
Valentine Aprile
Kathy's Mom (uncredited)
Stephanie Beltz
Van Hunt basketball player (uncredited)
James Thomas Bligh
Prairie Hill Assistant Coach-John Casey (uncredited)
Franco Bulaon
Mexican Gang member (uncredited)
Angie Bullaro
New Rome Warrior Guard (uncredited)
Kevin Cannon
Players Parent (uncredited)
JR Carter
Basketball Game Spectator
Kelli Chaves
New Rome Center (uncredited)
Gary Cherkassky
Joel (uncredited)
Bradley Clarke
Basketball Game Spectator
Lisa Chiariello Coons
Basketball game spectator
Marmee Cosico
Extra (uncredited)
Adriene Couvillion
Prairie Hill Cheerleader (uncredited)
Santo D'Asaro
New Rome Assistant Coach (uncredited)
Daniel Fainman
Luciana Faulhaber
Van Hunt Basketball Player (uncredited)
Amy Garay
Basketball Game Spectator
Chelsey Garner
Basketball Player (uncredited)
Stefanie Grassley
New Rome Cheerleader (uncredited)
Janis Grossman
Basketball game spectator
Sharon Gruber
Basketball Game Spectator
Pamela Guthrie
Grandma Tilly (uncredited)
Laura Hammer
Fort Gary Basketball Player (uncredited)
Cassie Hansen
New Rome Cheerleader (uncredited)
Maura Ruth Hashman
Littleton Basketball Player (uncredited)
Ingrid Johnson
Tamra's Mom (uncredited)
Christopher King
Assitant Coach Van Hunt (uncredited)
Anna Kuchma
Basketball Game Spectator
Danya LaBelle
New Rome basketball player (uncredited)
Shelby Lackman
Fort Gary Basketball Player (uncredited)
Lynn Lamanno
Mindy & Wendy's Mom (uncredited)
Jonathan Lang
Knights' Mascot / Prairie Hill Corn Mascot (uncredited)
Dominick LaRuffa Jr.
Lunchroom Student (uncredited)
Bobby Lundon
Boy Spectator with Popcorn (uncredited)
James Malone
Basketball Game Spectator
Stacey Maltin
Middling Shooting Guard (uncredited)
Chelsea Marino
Fort Gary Point Guard (uncredited)
Ralph Meyer
Mindy & Wendy's Dad (uncredited)
Ella Mische
Missy - Van Hunt Basketball Player (uncredited)
Ashley Nardozi
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Ella Jane New
Jen (uncredited)
Thelma O'Leary
Basketball Fan
Christine Osterhoudt
Basketball Fan
Mauricio Ovalle
Security Guard (uncredited)
Corinne Palermo
Prairie Hill Cheerleader (uncredited)
Sharron Paul
Basketball Game Spectator
Sophia Paulmier
Point Guard for the Fort Garry Nights (uncredited)
Sarah Purtzer
Susan - Prairie Hill Basketball Player (uncredited)
Dawn Ressy
Basketball game spectator
Enrique Sebastian Rivas
Mexican Gang member (uncredited)
Clifford Rivera
Mexican Gang Member (uncredited)
Celeste Rojas
Basketball Game Spectator
Daniel B. Roy
Simon (uncredited)
Noriko Sato
Point Guard - Huskers (uncredited)
Harry L. Seddon
H.S. Basketball Announcer (uncredited)
Lourdes Torres
Mexican Gang Member (uncredited)
Alicia Tsai
Female Basketball Player
Danicah Waldo
Lunchroom Student (uncredited)
Donna: Hey girls. I just wanted to take a moment before we head to the sectional tomorrow morning. I know you're nervous, I am too. But... just remember we're a team. That's not something anyone can't take away from us. Now I've never been part of a team before and at my age it wasn't something I was expecting to ever happen. So, I wanna thank you for giving that to me. My whole life I felt apart from other people. I don't feel apart from you girls. And no matter what happens tomorrow I'll always be proud of you.
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Bill: Yo! What's going on? Is there a reason you're not passing at her? Alright, look I... I don't know what shit you girls have between with each other, I don't give a shit, I got enough shit in my own life. I gotta a whole universe of shit. And now even more: your shit. So just keep your shit off the court, ok? You can't start drawing lines here. I mean, even if we did you're on the wrong side, anyway.
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Bill: Sorry to burst your bubble, honey, but you're not my type.
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