The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
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The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

98 min
Drama | Horror | Thriller
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Tom Harper
Country: UK
Release Date: 2015-01-02
Filming Locations: Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England, UK
Opening Weekend: $15,027,415 (USA) (4 January 2015)
Gross: $26,433,831 (USA) (22 February 2015)
Phoebe Fox
Eve Parkins
Merryn Pearse
Girl In Tube
Mary Roscoe
Woman in Tube
Amelia Crouch
Casper Allpress
Pip Pearce
Leilah de Meza
Jude Wright
Alfie Simmons
Oaklee Pendergast
Thomas Arnold
Man (London Train Station)
Jeremy Irvine
Harry Burnstow
Adrian Rawlins
Dr. Rhodes
Ned Dennehy
Hermit Jacob
Leanne Best
The Woman In Black
Eve Pearce
Alice Drablow
Ben Huish
'Edward' Double
Keanen Diaper
Ghost Child
Oscar Cameron
Ghost Child
Olivia Sear
Ghost Child
Lucy Dawson
Ghost Child
Natasha Wigman
Ghost Child
Lexie Marie Freeman Cook
Ghost Child
Andreas Bazigos
Ghost Child
Chloe Mitchell
Ghost Child
Annabel Hindley
Ghost Child
Katherine Brown
Ghost Child
Georgina Vane
Ghost Child
Hayley Joanne Bacon
Woman at Station (uncredited)
Richard Banks
Londoner (uncredited)
Chris Cowlin
Member of the RAF (uncredited)
Leigh Dent
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Faith Elizabeth
Mother (uncredited)
Victoria Fayne
Mother (uncredited)
David Few-Cooper
Soldier (uncredited)
Jorge Leon Martinez
Londoner (uncredited)
Matthew David McCarthy
Milkman (uncredited)
Samantha Moran
Nurse (uncredited)
David Norfolk
Fire Brigade Crew Commander (uncredited)
Ryan Parker
World War 2 Soldier (uncredited)
Claire Rafferty
Clara (uncredited)
Shane Salter
Soldier (uncredited)
Karol Steele
Nurse (uncredited)
Fabio Vollono
Rail Traveller (uncredited)
Julie Vollono
Rail Traveller (uncredited)
Bartosz Wandrykow
British Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
In a short scene showing things on a table in the house in the upper etage, three monkeys are shown, one having the hands on his mouth, the other on his eyes and the third on his ears. They are the Three wise monkeys, part of Asian philosophy, which are directly plot related to Eves 'You let him go'.
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In the final scene, the teacher still has the price tags on her shoes.
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This is the first Hammer sequel since Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974).
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The teacher has her price tags on her shoes in the final scene.
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In the blackout in the cellar, why don't they switch on the pilot's torch whilst trying to light the candles?
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In the last scene whilst leaving the house, there is a modern Yale lock on the door.
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Helen McCrory Amelia Pidgeon
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