The Woman in Red
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The Woman in Red

68 min
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Robert Florey
Country: USA
Release Date: 1935-02-16
Filming Locations: San Pedro Breakfast Club, Los Angeles, California, USA
Gene Raymond
John 'Johnny' Wyatt
Genevieve Tobin
Mrs. 'Nicko' Nicholas
John Eldredge
Eugene 'Gene' Fairchild
Phillip Reed
Dan McCall
Dorothy Tree
Mrs. Olga Goodyear
Russell Hicks
Defense Attorney Clayton
Nella Walker
Aunt Bettina
Claude Gillingwater
Grandpa Wyatt
Doris Lloyd
Mrs. Casserly
Hale Hamilton
Wyatt Furness
Edward Van Sloan
Prosecuting Attorney Foxall (as Ed Van Sloan)
Forrester Harvey
Bill Elliott
Stuart Wyatt (as Gordon Elliott)
Frederick Vogeding
Nels Erickson (as Fred Vogeding)
Eleanor Wesselhoeft
Mrs. Agnew, Housekeeper (as Eleanor Wesselhoft)
Brandon Hurst
Uncle Emlen Wyatt
William Arnold
Prosecutor's Assistant (uncredited)
Joseph E. Bernard
Steward on Yacht (uncredited)
Jan Buckingham
Estelle, Girl in Top Hat for Hunt (uncredited)
Rose Allen Castlen
Second Debutante (uncredited)
Allan Cavan
Last Man on Telephone (uncredited)
George Chandler
First Reporter (uncredited)
Nick Copeland
First Photographer (uncredited)
Virginia Dabney
Minor Role (uncredited)
Carrie Daumery
Racing Spectator (uncredited)
William B. Davidson
Mr. Goodyear, Guest on Yacht (uncredited)
J. Gunnis Davis
Mooney (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Spectator at Horse Show (uncredited)
Eddie Graham
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Nan Grey
Minor Role (uncredited)
Carlton Griffin
Horserace Spectator (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Man at Fox Hunt Club (uncredited)
Marcoreta Hellman
First Debutante (uncredited)
Olive Jones
Female Reporter (uncredited)
Edward Keane
Horse Show Ring Master (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint
Judge (uncredited)
Stanley Mack
First Man at Telephone (uncredited)
Charles McAvoy
Bailiff (uncredited)
Frank McClure
Horserace Spectator (uncredited)
Tom McGuire
Policeman by Courtroom Door (uncredited)
Charles McMurphy
Lawyer's Assistant (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Horserace Spectator (uncredited)
Jack Mower
Rider of Horse #7, Briarybush (uncredited)
Jack Mulhall
Mr. Crozier, Seated Guest on Yacht (uncredited)
William Newell
Reporter (uncredited)
Franklin Parker
Second Reporter (uncredited)
Alexander Pollard
Waiter (uncredited)
Edward Reinach
Horserace Spectator (uncredited)
George Riley
Photographer Wanting a Close-Up (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock
Mike, Second Photographer (uncredited)
Ann Shoemaker
Cora Furness (uncredited)
Landers Stevens
Seated Guest on Yacht (uncredited)
Phil Tead
Reporter Talking to Mike (uncredited)
Arthur Treacher
Major Albert Casserly (uncredited)
Harry Tyler
Joe, Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Evelyn Wynans
Seated Guest on Yacht (uncredited)
Shelby Barret Wyatt: Well, this *is* a surprise! That's a pretty old line, but it seems to fit.
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Shelby Barret Wyatt: Nicko, I'm going to talk mighty fast and blunt
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Uncle Emlen Wyatt: Johnny never takes anything seriously, running about the country, getting married here, there, and the other place.
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