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The World According to Garp

136 min
Comedy | Drama
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George Roy Hill
Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 8 wins & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-08-13
Filming Locations: Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $17,000,000
Gross: $29,712,172 (USA)SEK 6,533,848 (Sweden)
Robin Williams
Mary Beth Hurt
Helen Holm
Glenn Close
Jenny Fields
John Lithgow
Roberta Muldoon
Hume Cronyn
Mr. Fields
Jessica Tandy
Mrs. Fields
Swoosie Kurtz
The Hooker
James McCall
Young Garp
Peter Michael Goetz
John Wolfe
George Ede
Dean Bodger
Mark Soper
Michael Milton
Nathan Babcock
Ian MacGregor
Warren Berlinger
Stew Percy
Susan Browning
Midge Percy
Brandon Maggart
Ernie Holm
Jenny Wright
Brenda Currin
Jillian Ross
Young Cushie
Laurie Robyn
Young Pooh
Victor Magnotta
First Coach
Dominic A. Cecere
Opposing Coach
John Irving
Dan Goldman
Wrestling Opponent
Al DePippo
Christopher Farr
Bosworth (as Christopher Farr)
Brett Littman
Zipper Boy
Brandon Roth
Infant Garp
Steven Krey
Boy Babysitter
Laura Kaye
Little Jenny
Al Cerullo
Helicopter Pilot (as Al Cerullo Jr.)
Amanda Plummer
Ellen James
Bette Henritze
Woman Candidate
Jean De Baer
Woman Speaker (as Jeanne De Baer)
Ron Frazier
Katherine Borowitz
Isabell O'Connor
Woman with Book (as Isabell Monk)
John Corcoran
Man in Tree (as John S. Corcoran)
Tim Gallin
Kate McGregor-Stewart
Real Estate Lady
Sabrina Lee Moore
Matthew Cowles
Speeding Plumber
Eve Gordon
Marge Tallworth
David Fields
Infant Duncan
Ryan Davis
Duncan at 2 Years
Kaiulani Lee
Chief Ellen Jamesian
Harris Laskawy
Lori Shelle
Kath Reiter
Thomas Peter Daikos
Flying Baby Garp
Daniel Donaghy
Baby Garp
Linda Hamil
Party Guest (uncredited)
George Roy Hill
Pilot (uncredited)
Garett Maggart
Kid (uncredited)
Douglas Rowan
Rally Member (uncredited)
Joe Rubbo
Wrestler (uncredited)
Lee Strauss
Mike Tremont
Heckler (uncredited)
Did you know?
John Irving:  wrestling match referee
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George Roy Hill:  pilot that crashes into the house
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The house that the plane crashes into was built at one end of the only runway at Lincoln Park Airport, a very small airstrip in Lincoln Park, NJ USA (about 35 miles NW of New York City). The wrecked house was not removed for several weeks. While no planes have hit houses in the vicinity, one did bounce off the roof of a passing car several years earlier.
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When Garp and his mother are in New York, they walk past some prostitutes and his mother asks why they are dressed that way. Garp tells her that they are hookers, and she says "Hookers?" but her mouth doesn't move.
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When Garp and his family are playing touch football at Dog's Head Harbor, it is the afternoon, In the next scene, where Garp and Roberta are talking, the sun is shown setting over the ocean. This could not occur as Dog's Head Harbor, New Hampshire is on the east coast of the United States, so the sun should be rising.
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When Garp returns home after his session with the hooker, he reminisces while opening and closing the blinds in his room. The scene of him and Helen picking up the scattered pages of his short story occurs in a different locale (spread all over the lawn) than the original event (on a road and among the landscaping near the house).
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T. S. Garp: Men die young in my family, Helen!
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T. S. Garp: Remember, Helen.
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Randy - Dog's Head Mansion: [to Roberta] Hey you! Dildo. Is this the nut house where you're keeping my Laurel?
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Is The World According To Garp based on a book?
Yes, a book of the same name was published in 1980 by author John Irving.
When does Robin Williams appear as the older Garp?
Around 24 minutes into the movie.
Does Garp die at the end?
Maybe, maybe not. In the book Pooh shot him twice and he died a few minutes later in the gym. In the movie however it is not explicitly revealed, but some feel that the ending suggests he does die. He had been fascinated with flying ever since he was a child (because of his father) and with his joyous exclamation to Helen of "I'm flying!" suggests a fitting end to his life. He was able to die a happy man by having that simple childhood dream become a reality. Then again, some argue that Garp did survive as he was still alive as the movie ends and if he was seriously injured to the point where he could die at any moment the paramedics would have been actively working on him in an attempt to keep him alive instead of sitting back and allowing him to calmly speak with his wife. While medical personnel in trauma cases such as those will continue CPR and other first aid measures for a good deal of time after death, just in case the patient is able to come around, if the person is near death, they do not sit back and wait for it to happen before taking action.
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