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The World's Greatest Lover

USA:89 min
IMDB rate:
Gene Wilder
Country: USA
Release Date: 1978-02-13
Filming Locations: California, USA
Gene Wilder
Rudy Hickman
Carol Kane
Annie Hickman
Dom DeLuise
Adolph Zitz
Fritz Feld
Tomaso Abalone
Mark Silberman
Cousin Buddy
Robert Ball
Bald Man (as Robert E. Ball)
Randolph Dobbs
Yes Man #1
Sandy Rovetta
Woman Dancer
Hannah Dean
Rita Conde
Whore #1
Lupe Ontiveros
Whore #2
Teda Bracci
Whore #3
Elaine Everett
Whore #4
Gustaf Unger
Harry Gold
Freddie the Runner
Poncie Ponce
Frank O'Brien
Yes Man #4
Mews Small
Slave Girl #2 (as Marya Small)
Harriet Gibson
Pastry Customer
Richard A. Roth
Chico (as Richard Roth)
Norbert Schiller
Peter Elbling
Robert Drake
Freddie Roberto
Charles Knapp
Bakery Foreman
George Memmoli
Truck Driver
Pat Ast
Bakery / Wardrobe Lady
Tracey Cohn
Little Girl on Train
John Ponyman
Singer with Megaphone
Patrick Regan
Assistant Director
Skip E. Lowe
First Wardrobe Man
Nora Boland
David Levy
Elevator Operator
Bunny Summers
Mother on Train
Carson King
Guard at Rainbow Studio
Pavla Ustinov
Leading Lady
Alvin Hammer
Second Wardrobe Man
Vincent Edward Vaccaro
Zooey Hall
Gary, Finalist #1 (as David Z. Hall)
Susanna Van Haaren
Greta Ga-Ga
Lydia Goya
Singer in Jail
Speedy Zapata
Mexican Sidekick
Gino Gottarelli
Make-up Man
Al Wyatt Sr.
Arab Wrangler
Kay Dingle
Young Woman on Train
Nick Dimitri
Boyfriend on Train
Carol Arthur
Woman in Record Store
Candice Azzara
Anne Calassandro (as Candy Azzara)
Carl Ballantine
Uncle Harry
Stanley Brock
Yes Man #2
Warren Burton
Matt Collins
Rudolph Valentino
Lou Cutell
Mr. Kipper
Danny DeVito
Assistant Director
Richard Dimitri
Tony Lassiter
Josip Elic
Melissa Fellen
Cousin Corrine
Ricky Fellen
Cousin Max
James Gleason
Room Clerk
Ronny Graham
Director Dorsey
James Hong
Yes Man #3
Michael Huddleston
David Huddleston
Bakery Owner
Richard Karron
Michael McManus
Yes Man #5 (as Mike McManus)
Art Mendelli
Sidney Miller
Man at the Table
Jorge Moreno
Mexican Gangster
Jack Riley
Billy Sands
Rolfe Sedan
Florence Sundstrom
Aunt Tillie
Sal Viscuso
Assistant Director
Arthur M. Braham
Jail Guard (uncredited)
Debra De Liso
Dancer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film is set in 1926, in Milwaukee and Hollywood.
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Carol Kane was made up to resemble silent film star Zasu Pitts. Kane also appeared in another movie about the silent era released in the same 1977 year. That movie was Ken Russell's Valentino (1977). Both films featured Rudolph Valentino in their stories.
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The character of Boss is not billed by his personal name in the closing credits but only as "David Huddleston's Father".
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The "audition" record that Rudy listens to is obviously an LP running at 33 1/3 rpm. LPs would not be invented until the late 1940s.
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This film is supposed to take place in the 1920s silent movie era, yet the movie extras riding in the bus to their location sing-along to "Shuffle Off to Buffalo", a Harry Warren-Al Dubin song written for the 1933 sound film "42nd Street."
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Interior of tour bus has sky lights that don't appear in exterior shots of vehicle.
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Adolph Zitz: All right! We'll get lovers from every big city and hick town on the map. Because, gentlemen, I promise you that within two weeks, every male in America between the ages of 17 and 55 is going to stop for a moment and at least think about coming to Hollywood to screen test for the biggest chance of his life - the chance to star in the new Rainbow Studios film: The World's Greatest Lover! Now! How's that for an idea?
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Rudy Valentine: I don't wanna be Rudy Hickman! I'm selling the furniture, I'm selling the car, I'm changing my name and we're going to Hollywood.
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Adolph Zitz: Now listen to me very carefully: The women in this country are so sex-starved, they'll accept the first pretty face that comes along and make him a star. Well, what the hell will they do when they hear that Rainbow Studios is going to find the greatest lover in America? I'm talking about someone who will make Rudolph Valentino look like a part-time nurse!
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Photos from cast
Elya Baskin Ric Drasin