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121 min
Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Rob Bowman
6 wins & 8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-06-19
Filming Locations: 380 South San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, California, USA
Budget: $66,000,000
Opening Weekend: $30,138,758 (USA) (21 June 1998)
Gross: $83,892,374 (USA) (11 October 1998)
David Duchovny
Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson
Agent Dana Scully
John Neville
The Well-Manicured Man
William B. Davis
The Cigarette-Smoking Man
Martin Landau
Mitch Pileggi
Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Jeffrey DeMunn
Blythe Danner
Terry O'Quinn
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Lucas Black
Christopher Fennell
2nd Boy (as Chris Fennell)
Cody Newton
3rd Boy
Blake Stokes
4th Boy
Dean Haglund
Bruce Harwood
Tom Braidwood
Don S. Williams
Group Elder
George Murdock
2nd Elder
Michael Shamus Wiles
Black-Haired Man
Darrell Davis
Primitive #1
Carrick O'Quinn
Primitive #2
Tom Woodruff Jr.
Creature #1
Greg Ballora
Creature #2 (as Gregory B. Ballora)
Ted King
FBI Agent on Roof (as T.W. King)
Luis Beckford
FBI Agent
Gary Grubbs
Fire Captain Cooles
Steven M. Gagnon
Last Agent Out
Larry Joshua
DC Cop (as Lawrence Joshua)
Glendon Rich
DC Cop #2
Gunther Jenson
Security Guard (as Gunther Jensen)
Scott Alan Smith
Technician (as Scott Smith)
Ian Ruskin
Well-Manicured Man's Valet
Paul Welterlen
Control Room Operator
Joel Traywick
Young Naval Guard
Milton Johns
British Valet
Paul Tuerpe
1st Paramedic (as Paul Tuerpé)
Michael Krawic
2nd Paramedic (as Michael A. Krawic)
Larry Rippenkroeger
Towncar Driver
Josh McLaglen
Buzz Mihoe
Randy Hall
Windbreakered Agent
T.C. Badalato
Amine Zary
David Paris
Pilot (as David W. Paris)
Vanessa Morley
Young Samantha Mulder
Darrell Britt
Texas Businessman (uncredited)
Fuad C'Amanero
FBI Agent (uncredited)
Maxine English
Dead Wife in Trunk (uncredited)
Gilley Grey
Firefighter #2 (uncredited)
Glenne Headly
Barmaid (uncredited)
Anthony Sandstrom
Special skills extra (uncredited)
Mitch Toles
Security Guard #2 (uncredited)
Marcus Turner
Young Fox Mulder
Did you know?
Terry O'Quinn, who plays SAC Darius Machaud, dies in the bomb sequence at the beginning of the movie, yet returns in Season 9 as the Shadow Man in The X-Files: Trust No 1 (2002) - only to die again in the Magnatite quarry. He also played Lt. Brian Tillman in The X-Files: Aubrey (1995)
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The scene in which Scully and Mulder are chased through a cornfield by helicopters is a reference to the famous "crop duster" scene in North by Northwest (1959). Martin Landau was in both movies.
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Conrad Strughold (Armin Mueller-Stahl) was named for the real Strughold, a Nazi scientist who conducted experiments on prisoners during World War II.
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For a close-up shot where Scully probes a fireman's corpse, she appears to be wearing a white lab coat that she's not wearing in longer shots in that scene.
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The young boys and the townspeople from the "North Texas/Dallas" area in the movie all talk with heavy accents. This is erroneous; the stereotypical southern drawl is present in people from West Texas, whereas inhabitants of North Texas (including the Dallas area) and East Texas do not possess discernible dialect from the average American accent.
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The movie takes place in July but during the sequence in Antarctica the Sun is up (fairly high). During July, the Sun never rises in Antartica (at least not at the coordinates given by the Well Manicured Man).
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Special Agent Dana Scully: Any thoughts as to why anybody would be growing corn in the middle of the desert?
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Special Agent Dana Scully: Are you drunk, Mulder?
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Special Agent Fox Mulder: What do you want? Coke, Pepsi, saline IV?
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Where does the movie fit in the series?
Between seasons 5 and 6.
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Photos from cast
Jason Beghe Steve Rankin