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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

45 min (30 episodes)
Action | Adventure | Family | Mystery
IMDB rate:
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 10 wins & 15 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1992-03-04
Filming Locations: Czech Republic
Sean Patrick Flanery
Indiana Jones
George Hall
Old Indy
Ronny Coutteure
Remy Baudouin
Did you know?
For one of his brief appearances as the middle-aged Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford sports a beard. This is because he was filming The Fugitive (1993) at the time his scenes were shot, and he didn't have time to shave it off.
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One episode, depicting the charge at Beersheba during the First World War, features footage from The Lighthorsemen (1987).
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George Lucas wrote an extensive time-line detailing the life of Indiana Jones, assembling the elements for about 70 episodes of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" starting in 1905 and leading all the way up to the feature films. Each outline, included the place, date and the historical persons Indy would meet in that episode, and would then be turned over to one the the series writers. When the series came to an end about 31 of the 70 stories had been filmed.
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Man: You boys look like you crawled through hell on your bellies. Indiana Jones: We didn't crawl. Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options Pablo Picasso: I love this town!
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Remy: My poor Suzette! She will never see me again!
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Frederick Selous: [calling up to him] You were supposed to meet us back at the wagon!
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13. Are there YIJ magazine articles?
There have been articles on YIJ in the Starwars Insider (formerly the Lucasfilm Fan Club), American Cinematographer, Cinefantastique, Starlog, Cinefex, Epi-Log, and TV Zone.
1. What is Young Indiana Jones (YIJ)?
Young Indiana Jones (henceforth referred to as YIJ) is a television series based on the characters in the Indiana Jones feature films. The series follows the Indiana Jones character as he was growing up with the adventures he has with various historical people he meets along the way.
16. What are some good fan sites?
Loren Heisey's website is one of the best YIJ fan sites on the internet. See also has a lot of information on YIJ. See good site for episode summaries is The Indiana Jones Timeline at
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