There Was a Crooked Man...
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There Was a Crooked Man...

126 min
Action | Comedy | Drama | Western
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Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Country: USA
Release Date: 1970-12-25
Filming Locations: Joshua Tree, California, USA
Kirk Douglas
Paris Pitman, Jr.
Henry Fonda
Woodward W. Lopeman
Hume Cronyn
Dudley Whinner
Warren Oates
Floyd Moon
Burgess Meredith
The Missouri Kid
John Randolph
Cyrus McNutt
Lee Grant
Mrs. Bullard
Arthur O'Connell
Mr. Lomax
Martin Gabel
Warden LeGoff
Michael Blodgett
Coy Cavendish
C.K. Yang
Alan Hale Jr.
Tobaccy (as Alan Hale)
Victor French
Claudia McNeil
Bert Freed
Jeanne Cooper
Barbara Rhoades
Miss Jessie Brundidge
Gene Evans
Col Wolff
Pamela Hensley
Karl Lukas
Larry D. Mann
Ann Doran
Mrs. Lomax
Paul Prokop
Bart Burns
Dr. Loomis
E.J. André
Judge (uncredited)
Bob Bennett
Bartender (uncredited)
Danny Borzage
Prisoner (uncredited)
Buff Brady
Nolan (uncredited)
David Cadiente
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Vincente Cadiente
Riot Guard (uncredited)
Harry Caesar
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Virginia Capers
Cook (uncredited)
Donald Chaffin
Prisoner (uncredited)
Al Checco
Wheatley (uncredited)
Robert Cleaves
Grizzard (uncredited)
John Davey
Riot Guard (uncredited)
Barbara Eaton
Girl (uncredited)
Duke Fishman
Prisoner (uncredited)
Byron Foulger
Member of Town Council (uncredited)
Bruce Garrick
Lomax Kid (uncredited)
Lars Hensen
Prisoner (uncredited)
Bob Herron
Oran (uncredited)
Harry Holcombe
Hammond (uncredited)
Clyde Howdy
Marshal (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers
Church Member (uncredited)
Henry Kingi
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Ron Kinwald
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Monty Laird
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Jacquelyn Landrum
Girl (uncredited)
John Lawrence
Jones (uncredited)
Norman Leavitt
Prisoner (uncredited)
Ian Maclean
Cavalry Man (uncredited)
John McCook
Deputy (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
Hobbs (uncredited)
Paul Newlan
Terry L. Nichols
Tower Guard (uncredited)
Carol Nicholson
Lomax Girl (uncredited)
Gerry Okuneff
Riot Guard (uncredited)
Renee Paul
Girl (uncredited)
Jack Perkins
Prisoner (uncredited)
Red Perkins
Guard (uncredited)
Bill Peterson
Gordon Hartley (uncredited)
Mel Pittenger
Cavalry Man (uncredited)
Roberta Randall
Girl (uncredited)
James Seay
Aide to Lieutenant Governor (uncredited)
Vince St. Cyr
Apache Prisoner (uncredited)
Kelly Thordsen
Edwina's Father (uncredited)
Rick Traeger
Peddler (uncredited)
Napoleon Whiting
Lomax Servant (uncredited)
Guy Wilkerson
Prisoner In Solitary (uncredited)
Ilona Wilson
Girl (uncredited)
Will Wyler
Rioting Prisoner (uncredited)
Did you know?
Warner Brothers' front office was very worried about this film. It was shot over a five-month period in the first half of 1969, but it was well over a year before it was given any commercial showings. Like Joseph L. Mankiewicz's previous film, The Honey Pot (1967), it opened in Britain some two months before the US, in late 1970. According to Mankiewicz's biographer, Kenneth Geist, his preferred version of the film ran to 165 minutes; however, Warners objected to this and re-cut the film, to his great irritation, to a more manageable 126 minutes. One notable casualty of this re-cutting was the prominently-billed Lee Grant, a very well-known actress at the time, whose appearance is now barely a couple of minutes in length.
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The poem recited by the schoolteacher at the dedication is "Invictus" written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley.
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The "enormous" dressing trailer for Kirk Douglas stood just outside the location's prison set. Reportedly, it had a white picket fence, a mailbox, two flower boxes and a green lawn planted in front with a water fountain and lounge chairs.
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After escaping from prison, Pitman visits the widow Bullard and leaves the prison mule in her corral and takes a horse. After being bitten by the snake and dying, the warden takes his body back on the horse he rode, which now is a mule again.
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One of the escaping prisoners is shot from behind and falls on his stomach. Although there is an exit wound in his right abdomen, when he falls, there's apparently no entrance wound.
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Mr. Lomax: A man works like a nigger all his life to get ahead. Some bastard just comes along and takes it from him.
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Paris Pittman Jr.: [at dedication of new prison dining hall] On behalf of the men, I'd like to express to the lieutenant governor, and to you, warden, and to the schoolteacher, and the other distinguished guests, and all those law-abiding citizens out there, just how much all this means to us in here. Imagine, after all we've been, all we've done to society
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Woodward Lopeman: [as Paris is leaving the room] Why do you work at it so hard proving to yourself you're a sonuvabitch?
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