Things We Lost in the Fire
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Things We Lost in the Fire

118 min
IMDB rate:
Susanne Bier
4 wins & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-10-19
Filming Locations: Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Budget: $16,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,561,949 (USA) (21 October 2007)
Gross: $3,241,832 (USA) (4 November 2007)
Halle Berry
Audrey Burke
Benicio Del Toro
Jerry Sunborne
David Duchovny
Brian Burke
Alexis Llewellyn
Harper Burke
Micah Berry
Dory Burke
John Carroll Lynch
Howard Glassman
Alison Lohman
Robin Weigert
Omar Benson Miller
Paula Newsome
Sarah Dubrovsky
Maureen Thomas
Grandma Ginnie Burke
Patricia Harras
Howard's Wife
V.J. Foster
Distressed Man (as VJ Foster)
Caroline Field
Teresa Haddock (as Carolyn Field)
Marlies Dick
Police Officer
Todd Charles Mosher
Police Officer
James Lafazanos
Liam James
Cousin Dave
Quinn Lord
Cousin Joel
Alejandro Chavarria
Backyard Kid
Ken Tremblett
Brenda's Husband
Hilary Strang
N.A. Meeting Director
Victoria Campbell
Harper's Friend
Gerry Rousseau
John in Alley
Abraham Jedidiah
Mr. Skopes
Adrian Hough
N.A. Meeting Man
Kendall Cross
N.A. Meeting Person
Lorena Gale
N.A. Meeting Person
R. Nelson Brown
N.A. Meeting Person (as rnelsonbrown)
Hakan Coskuner
Alvin the Addict
James R. Baylis
Misunderstood Dealer
N.A. Serenity Prayer Man
Peter Hanlon
Ray (uncredited)
Amanda Marier
Narcotics Anonymous Woman (uncredited)
John Andrew Vaas
Addict (uncredited)
Geoff White
Crackhead (uncredited)
Did you know?
Release prints were shipped to some theaters under the fake title "Water".
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Audrey Burke: How'd you know about the movies?
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Jerry Sunborne: Hi, my name is Jerry and I'm an addict. I've been clean for 89 days. My mind is clearer, and... I think it's getting better. Every day, a little bit. But I wanna talk about this dream I keep having. It always starts with me stealing silverware. Then I go sell it to this guy who I used to know who owned a catering service. Then with the money, I go to this place where I used to buy my drug of choice, and... he's not around. So I go to other spots, right, but for some reason, no one is around. All of Seattle is dry, and then I get that feeling... the dread... and I panic. And I start running, and it's raining, and it gets dark. And then I'm in my old apartment, and I'm thrashing right through it, looking for something I might have stashed away. And I think I'm having a seizure. And then I find a balloon hidden in my suitcase. So there I am... with a bag of junk in one hand, and the money for my next fix in the other... and I feel at total, utter peace. And I wake up. One day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time. Thank you.
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Audrey Burke: Why wasn't it you, Jerry? Why wasn't it you?
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Does the title have anything to do with the album by the band Low?
No, the title is a reference to what happens in the movie, there's a fire in the garage of Audrey and Brian's house and some stuff was burned, she actually says during the movie the whole sentence "The Things We Lost in the Fire"
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