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Three Coins in the Fountain

102 min
IMDB rate:
Jean Negulesco
Won 2 Oscars. Another 3 nominations
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Dolomite Mountains, Italy
Clifton Webb
John Frederick Shadwell
Dorothy McGuire
Miss Frances
Jean Peters
Anita Hutchins
Louis Jourdan
Prince Dino di Cessi
Maggie McNamara
Maria Williams
Rossano Brazzi
Giorgio Bianchi
Howard St. John
Kathryn Givney
Mrs. Burgoyne
Cathleen Nesbitt
Merry Anders
Girl (uncredited)
Larry Arnold
Waiter in Select Restaurant (uncredited)
Dino Bolognese
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Maurice Brierre
Pepe - Shadwell's Butler (uncredited)
Iphigenie Castiglioni
Bit Part (uncredited)
James Conaty
Party Guest (uncredited)
Gino Corrado
Principessa's Butler (uncredited)
Anthony De Mario
Waiter in Venice (uncredited)
Charles La Torre
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Celia Lovsky
Baroness (uncredited)
Jack Mattis
Consulate Clerk (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Party Guest (uncredited)
Alberto Morin
Waiter (uncredited)
Grazia Narciso
Louisa - Shadwell's Maid (uncredited)
Vicente Padula
Dr. Martinelli (uncredited)
Mario Siletti
Bartender (uncredited)
Renata Vanni
Anna (uncredited)
Norma Varden
Woman at Cocktail Party (uncredited)
Willard Waterman
Mr. Hoyt (uncredited)
Zacharias Yaconelli
Theatrical Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Did you know?
The first motion picture filmed in CinemaScope outside of the United States. Prior to beginning principal shooting, 20th Century-Fox studio execs warned producer Sol C. Siegel and director Jean Negulesco that they would have a difficult time with the new film format away from the controlled settings of the studio. Siegel and Negulesco solved this dilemma by simply taking the studio's entire technical crew along to Rome.
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Average Shot Length (ASL) = 16 seconds (including opening Sinatra travelogue montage).
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Served as basis for unsold TV pilot starring Cynthia Pepper, Yvonne Craig and Joanna Moore.
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At the beginning of the final scene at the Trevi fountain, the fountain is dry and being cleaned. While the actors are there, the fountain begins flowing again. However, when the actors leave, the fountain is completely full, not a possibility given the size of the fountain and the period of time over which the scene occurs.
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Woman at Cocktail Party: My husband declares that I was simply born to be a writer. He says if anyone just took a pencil and followed me around, they'd have a novel.
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Maria Williams: Anita, somebody pinched me.
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John Frederick Shadwell: These girls in love never realize that they should be honestly dishonest instead of being dishonestly honest.
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What is 'Three Coins in a Fountain' about?
When Maria Williams (Maggie McNamara) arrives in Rome to join the staff at the United States Distribution Agency (USDA), the first place her two roommates take her is to the Fountain of Trevi, where it is said that tossing a coin in the water will grant your return to Rome. Maria and Frances (Dorothy McGuire), longtime secretary to the elusive American author John Frederick Shadwell (Clifton Webb), toss in their coins, but Anita Hutchins (Jean Peters) announces that she's returning to the United States in order to get married and doesn't want anything to botch her plans. Not long after, Maria is introduced to Prince Dino di Cessi (Louis Jourdan), known locally as the 'predatory prince'. He invites her to fly to Venice in his plane, but Frances warns her against it. Meanwhile, Anita defies office regulations by spending a weekend with her Italian co-worker Giorgio Bianchi (Rossano Brazzi), who has fallen in love with her. Which of the three will get their wish?
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Is "Three Coins in the Fountain" based on a book?
Yes. Three Coins in the Fountain is based on a 1952 novel of the same name by American author John H. Secondari. It was adapted for the screen by American screenwriter John Patrick. The movie was remade in 1964 as The Pleasure Seekers and again in 1990 as Coins in the Fountain.
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Luciana Paluzzi